Bold predictions

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Bold predictions

Harrison Barnes will average 20ppg and win rokkie of the year next year. For all the negs he led his team in scoring even though the offense didnt fit him and he was the second or third option in the halfcourt. They primarily rand down the court and ifnthere were no easy layups they dumped it into zeller.

2. Alex proythess from kentucky will be the second best player out of the freshman class. His game has rudy gay in it with a motor.

3. North Carolinas recruiting class is
Going to prove they were severly underated.

4. Shabazz muhammed will be the first ucla player in a while to average big numbers playin uclas slow it down offense.

5. Mkg shows that he can be an offensive force in the nba.

6. Greg oden signs with miami next year and gets them to 70wins

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