Bold Predictions

some bold predictions i got in my head for the 2010-2011 nba season which one of these are likely to happen? Just comment on the ones you think are possible or definitely not going to happen

Greg Oden Will Stay Healthy for a Full 82-Game Season -

The New Jersey Nets Will Make the Playoffs

LeBron James Will Participate in the 2011 Dunk Contest

DeMarcus Cousins Will Be the Rookie of the Year

Gilbert Arenas Will NOT Threaten To Shoot John Wall

The Miami Heat Will Sign Allen Iverson

Stephen Curry Will Win the NBA All-Star Game Skills Challenge

Brandon Jennings Will Be the Most Improved Player of the Year

J.J. Hickson Will Make His First All-Star Team (very bold) no lebron he has time to shine bryon scott said he see hickson as a cornerstone for the franchise

The Chicago Bulls Will Finish With a Better Record Than the Miami Heat

But Miami Will Beat Them in the Eastern Conference Finals

The New Orleans Hornets Will Trade Chris Paul

Michael Beasley Will Be the Sixth Man of the Year

Dwight Howard Will Be the League MVP

The Oklahoma City Thunder Will Win the NBA Championship alot of you guys seriously sleep on thinder I think htey have a chance to suprise people at least make to the western conference finals but they wont overtake lakers if they do i want be suprise like some of you will

took a long time to make this

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ouch bryant24 i bet you're

ouch bryant24 i bet you're wishing this post was never created you just lost a total of 166 points haha...guys, all time high for 1 thread? i think its possible

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This is no where near the all time high for points lost in 1 thread. That title has to go to that kid that said LeBron was better than Jordan. He had like 1000 negatives when that thread ended.

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the more you post on this

the more you post on this thread the more negatives you will get buddy

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