So anybody want to explain to me why this site has the bobcats drafting 2 point guards in the second round? Just curious.

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I didn't notice that before, now I'm also wondering why?

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Teams in the 2nd round are

Teams in the 2nd round are better off drafting the best talent available in the draft regardless of position. Few 2nd rounders make the roster.

That's my guess about the Bobcats. Plus predicting the 2nd round guys team for team is as probable as winning the lottery.

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I suspect it has more to do

I suspect it has more to do with a lack of effort on the part of the mock drafters than anything.

The first round picks seem better tailored to team needs, but I doubt they put in the effort to give second round picks the same attention. It looks more like they ordered people according to talent, and let the pick fall where it may.

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