Blazers luck turning around

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Blazers luck turning around

Despite the long list of Blazer injuries and misfortunes or even players lying about how injured they were so they drafted you instead of Hakeem Olajuwon or Michael Jordan, things are turning around as of late. Damian Lillard looks to be an extremely special player in the mold of Derrick Rose. Batum looks soon to become one of the best wing players in the league with his defense and versatility (5 x 5). If he can be more consistent with his shot he could be a nice piece on a championship team. Leonard could possibly be a starting center in this league but I like him off the bench, same with Wesley Matthews. I also really like Will Barton (angry Bulls chose Teague over him) but also as a rotational player. Dido for Hickson. Good luck for the Blazers this draft is strong in both SG and Bigs. I thought the Blazers would make the playoffs this year but I doubt that now. Their pick goes to Bobcats if it is 13 or higher. If they get in the lottery who would you target? You need a big so LA can move to PF but you just drafted Leonard last year. Blazers also got lucky when Indiana matched the Hibbert offer sheet.

Main point being Blazers future looks a little brighter now with Lillard and if they can get a few more pieces we could have some great OKC Blazers western conference finals. Hope they can hit on someone in this draft to make another good team in the league, one that deserves a little good fortune.

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I agree, still makes you

I agree, still makes you wonder how good they could've been if Brandon Roy and Greg Oden never had knee troubles; Lamarcus Aldrige, Roy, and Oden would have been unstoppable. Google their 2009-2010 roster and tell me that they couldn't have won a ring or two with that group if everyone was healthy.

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