Blazers draft 2012

OK so I assume everyone watched the tourny's and possible prospects through out this years college season and I want to get everyone's thoughts. I think that if he is there we take drummond, he could be a flop and I think thats what scares alot of people when you think of oden and stuff, but he has all body and not a top heavy one like oden had ether he is build solid form the groud up like D12. and he is not going to come in a put up 20 and 10 because he is a project offensivly but can provied alot of help on the defensive end, his rebounding and shot blocking ability are top notch. He reminds me of jordan from the clippers when he came into the league he was not ready but any means but given the time to mature he has become a very efficent player and has not even come close to his celing yet.

But for forums sake lets say he has a great work out and get taken higher than projected and we dont get him I really like beal at the frst pick to, a true scorer that can play the one if need be but can shoot and score the basketball in many ways, I think he would complement batum very well.

Now with the second pick this is were the options open up and i think alot of people are going to disagree with me but I truly think we should take one of the jones, whether it be Jones III who has not shown the motor we would like but has been playing out of position his whole college career, he is a natural 2 or 3 gaurd and at his size and lenth would be devistating out there, and the you have terrance jones who is a north west born and bred who i would love to see come home, he is physical down low is not afarid of contact but also can step out and hit the 3, he has the best handels out of the forwards in the draft and reminds me a little of crash with his hustle. people say he has lost his scoring touch cause he has not put up numbers at kentucky but why should he when he dosent have to? he does what his team needs when they need it and thats hat we need here a selfless player who can be effecint and wants to win. Now I know we have alot of wings and need a point but truthfull I wanna see batum start the 2 and one of these guys start the , then go after a point in the off season. I think nash would be a great fit but thats my own personal opion.

Sorry about the spelling I am not the best in that field but hit me back with your thoughts guys im interested to hear what other people think.

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