Blazers Acquire Thomas Robinson

The Portland Trail Blazers have acquired Thomas Robinson in a trade with the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets have been trying to deal Robinson to clear cap space.

The Blazers will send two future second round picks and the draft rights to Kostas Papanikolau and Marko Todorovic for Robinson.

The deal will be consummated on July 10, but agreed in principle now in order to give the Rockets sufficient cap space to offer Dwight Howard a max contract.

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Salary dump in hopes to sign

Salary dump in hopes to sign Howard.

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Another young big for the

Another young big for the blazers. Maybe Robinson can find his game their being young and talented. Good move for both teams if Houston lands Howard

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Poor T-Rob - that dude has to

Poor T-Rob - that dude has to feel unloved.....

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I'm sure he's feeling

I'm sure he's feeling unloved, but Portland is a really good opportunity for him to become part of the playing rotation. Robinson will also be reunited with Jeff Withey.

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Also don't forget that this

Also don't forget that this may be an insurance policy since Aldridge wants out

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The Blazers have completely overhauled their bench in a good way. Let's say McCollum and Leonard starts at SG, they've got Barton, Withey, Crabbe, and now Robinson for depth.

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I believe they still have Wes

I believe they still have Wes Mathews to start at shooting guard, that gives them an even deeper bench. They could also resign Eric mayor who is a restricted free agent who played decent for them when het got traded at the deadline.

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Or if Hickson decides to walk

Or if Hickson decides to walk

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i think PDX trading for t-rob

i think PDX trading for t-rob is telling us we're not even going to bother with J.J, i can't wait till we sign Bynum though another center with knee problems go rip city!

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I like this move a lot...I do

I like this move a lot...I do believe that he can be a good player in this league...I hope he shows that in Portland...

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I was hoping he'd go somewhere else but, if Aldridge stays, he can learn a lot. Like the fit.

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Not only were the Blazers one

Not only were the Blazers one of the winners of the draft, they now picked up T-Rob who I still believe in. What a group of great pickups they've added this past week, CJ McCollum, T-Rob, Allen Crabbe and Jeff Withey. Their bench really needed an upgrade like big time.

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Should instantly get about

Should instantly get about ATLEAST 15 minutes a night which isn't much but more than he was getting in Houston. I think he can be a solid player in the league.

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Will be a Blazer before the trade deadline. They need to keep LA happy. With the presumably improved bench the Blazers look to be an exciting team.

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The bench is full of

The bench is full of inexperience players though. They need more veterans.

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