Blake Griffin

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Blake Griffin

Guys I truly think that if the Washington Wiards win the lottery they will pick Blake Griffin like we all know and they can become a contenders in two years to win it all. That right i said it now guys watch it. With proven players like Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas, and Jamison already on the team Griffin can be the missing link.

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contenders for the playoffs

contenders for the playoffs maybe

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The team is talented true enough but the injury bug might not let go...N even if they do come back at full health ur lookin at an improving Eastern Conference...l wouldnt call them contenders jus yet besides with all the changes bound to happen between free agency n the draft ...who knows???

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I believe if they add a few

I believe if they add a few components and stay healthy that they would be a team to be in this new Eastern Conference. Look Orlando was 3rd and is getting beat by a Philly team that the Wizards at full strength would own. Also they have a grudge match with the best team in the East the Cavs and can sometimes beat them even not at full strength.

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if they get Griffin...

they will need to trade Jamison for a guard or a Center and then they could be very good!

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antawn jamison is clearly one of the most underrated players in the league..hes old though, hes gonna be 34 next season. so his trading value wont be that high, even if the wizards think of a jamison trade. they have the pieces for a great team, personally i think they are far more talented than the current orlando team. develop some young players like the explosive scorer, nick young, the versatile forward dominic mcguire, and javale mcgee. and just hope for a healthy gilbert arenas and some luck in the draft lottery(blake griffin).

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He can shoot from 13 feet

He can shoot from 13 feet away from the basket.

"D Hamp is here to bring the truth."

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I can see them making it to

I can see them making it to a couple of Conference Finals with Blake, but I just can't see anyone from the east beating LeBron and the Cavs. Once Pierce and the rest of the Celtics get a little older, I see the Cavs making it to the Finals every year.

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wizards need to stay healthy

First off, I feel the wiz should draft Griffin if they can despite already having Jamison as he is getting up there is years (33 I believe). If they get him and stay healthy (ahem Arenas) then they should be a number 5 or 6 seed in the east next year. However, I seriously doubt that they will be true championship contenders any time soon.

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