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I was wondering what everyone thinks of Chris "Birdman" Anderson's season. He came out and played a big role in Denver's post defense and averaged the second most blocks per game in the league. I think he will stay in denver but if not what teams would he be a good fit for?

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There's a place for the Birdman

If Denver doesn't retain his rights, I can't tell you which team will be a good fit because it will probably be almost any team in the league. Why? Because rebounders and shot blockers are rare commodities in the NBA and he does both.

If he had an offensive game, he would be a star, but he doesn't.

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They should sign him for 3 or 4 years

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I find Chris really good. He has 2.5 blocks per game averaging like 20 minutes. He would be a good fit for any team, a good center/power forward.

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Birdman would be a good big man reserve coming in both for your C and PF. He also is cheap - I think his salary this year was less than 700K since he was coming off drug suspension. But even before that, I don't think he was earning more than 1 or 2 million, which is a good price for a rotation player. If your team has enough scoring, he would make a perfect frontcourt reserve where he brings energy and shotblocking off the bench.

In terms of contract duration, he should be good for another 3-4 years. He is in his early 30s but has not really played heavy minutes and has not had any really serious injury. Since he relies on athleticism though, he should be tailing off at the end of the 3rd or into the 4th year of the contract.

All in all, still a good investment at a relatively low price. For the Nuggets, he was perfect - he gave them what Camby did and at a much lower cost.

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I think someone will throw the 5.5 mill mid level exception at him. I think he is obviously best fitted for a transition team that likes to run. He can also help get the fans excited. I think the Sacramento fans would love him. Plus they need more interior defense while Jason Thompson and Spencer Hawes develop.

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