Bill Simmons just said it.....

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Bill Simmons just said it.....

Bill: Lebron gets the big piece and Bosh and Wade get the little pieces. Thats the way it has to be.

Everyone else: -----

This does seem to be the deciding factor for what Lebron will do. He opted out to send a message. He wants Wade and Bosh to opt out and take a pay-cut a la the Spurs so they can field a better team. He gave up in the finals and was giving the old Cleveland days demeanor. Ovbiously my bias is showing a bit but I wonder why the other analysts were so silent and why I haven't heard more of this idea from others. A few people here have mentioned it but I truly think that is whats going through that headband covered head of his.

Wade should take 2 for 20. Bosh should take 2 for 30. Lebron 2 for 40.

If they can't make two rings out of that, Pat Reilly should shave his head and Lebron should have to fill in the patches with it.

At the end of the day I think he leaves because I don't see Wade opting out.

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