Bill Simmons Fake Trade

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Bill Simmons Fake Trade

Here is the link of ESPNs Bill Simmons fake trade and his rationale:

"LA gets 2 shooters, Mem reunites Gasols/Calderon + gets Parsons, Hou upgrades PG and gets Z-Bo, Tor turns Calderon into Lin. WINNER!"

What do you guys think?

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Don't think Toronto would

Don't think Toronto would want in on this. They will likely look to move Calderon at the deadline if they are not in a playoff hunt, but don't see them wanting Lin for that much money. If they move Calderon, they would be looking for an upgrade at the 3 spot primarily. They might also try to get into this year's draft if possible.

I can see them being willing to give up more than just Calderon for a lot more than Lin, his contract, and Aldritch who they don't need at all.

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