Big Ten Draft Sleepers

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Big Ten Draft Sleepers

Does anyone else see Deshaun Thomas sneaking into the bottom of the 1st round!??!!

How about Trey Burke in the top 10???!!

What about Branden Dawson, Victor Oladipo, and Brandon Paul in the late 1st???

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All of them could potentially

All of them could potentially happen except Dawson being a first rounder. He's 6'6 and cant shoot or dribble and averages 10 and 6 while shooting 47% from the foul line. So I dunno exactly what trait besides big muscles would get Dawson drafted into the first round.

I would say Oladipo is a first round lock tho.

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Look at Dawson's defensive

Look at Dawson's defensive ability, hustle, and rebounding; teams at the end of the first like San Antonio would love to have a guy that plays his heart out and gets dirty; Brandon Paul really needs to improve his shot selection.

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I just can't see Brandon Paul

I just can't see Brandon Paul in the first round. Even if he goes nuts in March, he doesn't excel in one area of the game, is undersized and ball dominant. This is a weak draft, but Paul should still go in the second.

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Instead of looking at the

Instead of looking at the negatives of Dawson, maybe you should look at the positives?^ He's an NBA ready athlete, defender, and rebounder. He missed out on a (crucial) 7 months of development on his outside game due to the torn ACL. Also, we have seen energy players without offensive games get drafted in the late first in the past, like DeMarre Carroll. I don't think he will/should leave this year. Most likely next year or his senior year, because he still/will need to develop an outside game. But to dismiss it so easily is a mistake by any stretch.

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Deshaun's ability to make

Deshaun's ability to make shots from all over the floor should be enough for him to be a first rounder.
Trey Burke's a lotto talent in this draft.
Oladipo's closer to a mid to late first rounder than a 2nd rounder.
Dawson really needs to improve his shooting at least. If he develops a 15-20 footer, he's a first rounder next year.

Brandon Paul is borderline undraftable. He got off to a great start, but as the season has gone on he's started looking just like the player he was last yr. Last yr's Brandon Paul would not have been drafted.
He has some athletic ability and some ball-handling ability, but he is such a terrible decision maker.

The conference does have some possible first round talent, but not as much for this yr.

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Adrian Payne

He is a solid defender and a great shot blocker. He has a motor, great athleticism and his offense is improving including a respectable jumper, not to mention he can can throw down with the best of them. If a guy like Fab Melo can be drafted in the first round, I would assume Payne could go late first or second round.

And another MSU guy, Dawson has the ability to be a solid role player. He plays good D, rebounds , can finish, and never lets up. I would be happy to have him on my team, he could be like a Tony Allen(which might be best case).

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