Big Men Mid Range Games

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Big Men Mid Range Games

I'm watching the raps cavs game and i noticed Tristan Thompson face-up and use a nice jab step to get past his defender and it got me thinking, which big-man has the best mid range game? My pick is Kevin Love, he has all the components, a quick jab-step, effectic spin move, and a deadly fade away jumper. What are your thoughts?

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My Top 10

Since I think you are talking bigs (healthy), i'll leave it to PF,C. Operating from the high post, initial catch primarily 10-18 ft, scoring and playmaking (not just shooting).

  1. Dirk
  2. Aldridge
  3. Pau
  4. Love
  5. Bosh
  6. Millsap
  7. Scola
  8. Lee
  9. Boozer
  10. Garnett

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I think it’s going to be

I think it’s going to be great for the game. You can’t just lock in on one guy. I think we’re going to have great spacing. It’s going to be great for each of us in practice having good guys to shoot against every day. It’s going to keep you on your toes.”

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Parker, who also told a story

Parker, who also told a story of Kobe sitting off on his own during a team-bonding experience that Phil Jackson sent the Lakers on one year, thinks his inability to get along with Kobe had more to do with his departure than his play.

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Prigioni is also something of

Prigioni is also something of a question mark for North American fans that have not been able to follow his career, but this very experienced guard has not looked out of place during the preseason.

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By now, most NBA fans are

By now, most NBA fans are familiar with the concept of Money Ball, which was made famous to casual sports fans by the movie of the same name. It’s also no secret to most NBA fans that general managers like OKC’s Sam Presti and Houston’s Daryl Morey are disciples of the statistical side of player analysis. The question we should be asking, then, is how far do we have to dig into the mountain of stats to find something that makes Harden look like a max player?

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