Big East or Big 10??

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Big East or Big 10??

Last couple of very good and close games from each conference has me wondering which conference is better overall? Both are pretty deep. Big ten is Top heavy in my opinion with 4 teams in the top 12 and another at 18, and the Big East has 2 in the top 12 and 4 others 15-25 in the current top 25 as of now. I know that gonna change with the next poll but it looks like to me they're almost even.

I think Louisville and Syracuse can hang with Michigan, Indiana in battles of the top of each conference. And the others of both are pretty even also. Record wise all the teams have 3-5 losses with 16+ wins. I cant decide which is better. What do yall think Big East or Big 10?

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Typically I think the Big 10

Typically I think the Big 10 is overrated but this year I think they're the best conference in basketball.

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This. I've never seen the Big Ten this ridiculously athletic at the top, with Michigan, Indiana, and Michigan State.

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Big Ten. The fundamentals of basketball are amplified in that conference

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Big 10 vs. Big East

The Big East is in a down year. Maybe its due to them leaving next season or maybe its just due to guys leaving early for the draft. I don't know.

I think its clear the Big 10 is better at the top, but you could argue the Big East still has more depth. If we're going from a depth standpoint, it's close. But no question the Big 10 is better at the top with Michigan, Indiana, MSU, OSU, etc.

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