Better Athlete; Dipo or Bmac?

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Better Athlete; Dipo or Bmac?

Who do you think is more athletic between Oladipo and Mclemore?

Hi its Ben
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Oladipo is quicker and has

Oladipo is quicker and has the hops as well. I go with him.

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Ben McLemore without a doubt

Ben McLemore without a doubt

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i guess you really cant go

i guess you really cant go wrong with either of them and maybe there is no right answer in this but a personal preference for an athlete i would take oladipo, as for overall player give me bmac

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Both have good straight line

Both have good straight line speed both look like they can get as strong and big as they want. BMAC is a better one foot leaper and can go off two feet as well. Victor really gets high off two feet. I would say they are pretty even.

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They are pretty close (at least on the eye test) at leaping and running, but I feel like Oladipo has a resounding edge in the strength department, so he would get my nod as the better athlete (for now). But it is pretty close

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Oladipo has Jason Richardson

Oladipo has Jason Richardson athleticism. Very strong two foot jumper. Great straight line speed. Very good lateral speed.

I think McLemore has Shannon Brown type athleticism. Explosive off of that one foot and great straight line speed. Good lateral speed.

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I like Vic oladipo better as an athlete. I know Ben is bigger and all but idk there's just something about victor that screams elite athlete

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As far as all around

As far as all around athleticism it is pretty close, but I think Oladipo uses his athleticism to his advantage more. He blows by people in the open court while dribbling, he uses his lateral quickness to guard points the whole way down the court, he uses speed and explosiveness to run people down for blocks, he can explode across the lanes for steals, and he has the strength and hang time to finish at the rim in all kinds of unorthodox ways. Ben is an amazing athlete as well but I think he has to continue to learn to use it to his advantage at all times instead of just some of the time like so many great athletes do. Since Oladipo started out as an athletic hustle guy he has been accustomed to using those attributes to his advantage the whole time he is out there while learning how to be a scorer, distributor, etc.

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I'll be interested to see

I'll be interested to see what their combine verticals are like, they are both ultra athletic but in different ways.

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I'm pretty sure Ben could

I'm pretty sure Ben could take one from the free throw line. He's taken a couple in game dunks from about 12', and has done 360's, and windmills in game. He's definately the better dunker and leaper, but Oladipo isn't that far behind and he's stronger. Tough call, but Ben.

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DJ Stephens says it doesn't

DJ Stephens says it doesn't matter because they both play below the rim lol...that said, i would go with Oladipo

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victor, and it's not as close

victor, and it's not as close as people think.

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I think Oladipo just appears

I think Oladipo just appears more athletic because he is more aggressive. Ben has shown moments of elite level athleticism this year but has often disappeared at big moments. Victor has done the complete opposite and shined in many big moments. I think if you compare them strictly on athleticism Ben has a slight advantage. He can jump higher and appears a bit more explosive. Victor is longer and knows how to use his length to disrupt people but pure athleticism goes to McLemore.

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Rly thought this thread was

Rly thought this thread was about to be between Desagna Diop and Bismack Biombo

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who cares who is more

who cares who is more athletic? it's all about who's game is better.

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