Best Second Round draft Picks 2005 - 2010

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Best Second Round draft Picks 2005 - 2010

Which guy picked in the Second Round from the 2005 - 2010 draft classes would you take first ?

For me, I would take Marc Gasol. Its just very hard to find a Skilled Big man nowadays that, blocks shots and rebounds simultaneously.

Who would you pick as the biggest steal in the second round ?

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Had a quick look and no one

Had a quick look and no one can come close to Gasol for value. The closest I could find is Paul Milsap at 47 in 2006.

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Monta Ellis from the 2005

Monta Ellis from the 2005 draft.
Paul Millsap from the 2006 draft.
Marc Gasol from the 2007 draft.
Goran Dragic, Deandre Jordan, Mario Chalmers, or Omer Asik from the 2008 draft.
Marcus Thornton or Danny Green from the 2009 draft.
Lance Stephenson or Landry Fields from the 2010 draft.

As of this moment, its definitely Marc Gasol.
Monta still has time to get his head on right though lol, He could be the best.
And 2 years from now Lance Stephenson could be the biggest 2nd round steal from 2005-2010. Has the talent, just needs a little more fine tuning and Danny Granger to be traded.

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Nikola Pekovic was an early 2nd rounder in 2008. Looking back, getting someone who last year, averaged 16 and 9, was a great get

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Without a doubt

Marc Gasol

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I was gonna yell GINOBILIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII as loudly as possible, but then I saw this was from 2005 and up.

Let's go by Win Shares shall we? I'll name some notable guys and the amount of win-shares they produced. Keep in mind that the earlier players will have more win shares, since they've been playing longer.

2005: Monta Ellis (28.1) & Amir Johnson: (27.8)

2006: Paul Millsap (48.1) & Craig Smith (lol) (16.0)

2007: Marc Gasol (42.4) & Carl Landry (30.6)

2008: Mario Chalmers (20.3) & DeAndre Jordan (19.7)

2009: DeJuan Blair (15.6) & Marcus Thornton (14.6)

2010: Landry Fields (9.8) & Lance Stephenson (4.9)

2011: Chandler Parsons (10.4) & Isaiah Thomas (9.3)

2012: Festus Ezeli, Jae Crowder, and Orlando Johonson (1.6)

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Festus Ezeli was the last

Festus Ezeli was the last pick of the 1st round. Close.

2012 2nd rounders I feel will do something.

Draymond Green from the 2012 class has the look of a 10 year garbage man. His game often isn't pretty, but his toughness has found him a nitch.

Jeff Taylor, solid rookie campaign and an impressive showcase of offensive skill in this year's summer league. Also, one of the most athletic guys in the league. ( low on win shares because he plays with the Cats, but I think he'll be a 12 ppg 5 rpg 2 spg in his prime.

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Marcus Thornton in 2009 was

Marcus Thornton in 2009 was really good

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Gasol but Sessions deserves a mention in a thread that's discussing value second round picks.

Notable career performances:
24asts (although slightly skewed due to the Bucks scoring 135)
16pts/16asts/10rebs against the Lakers

He's been fairly solid wherever he's been too.

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How about this year? Who

How about this year? Who will be the steals of this draft?

I like Jeff Withey and Peyton Siva.

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Season isnt even started,we

Season isnt even started,we will give you answer afther season finis :D

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I think that Glen Rice is

I think that Glen Rice is going to be a heck of a steal

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Its just very hard to find a

Its just very hard to find a Skilled Big man nowadays that, blocks shots and rebounds simultaneously.

Funny how much perceptions change what we see in players. Don't get me wrong Gasol is a very good defender and a good player all-around but he rebounds at pretty much the same rate as Brook Lopez, nd consistantly blocks less shots. Yet Brook is criticized for his rebounding and Gasol is celebrated for his.

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Chase Budinger isn't the best, but he is a solid player for being taken in the second round in 2009. He is an above average athlete and has a solid shot.

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