Best possible Chris Paul Trade???

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Best possible Chris Paul Trade???

If Chris Paul is traded, and just about every fan will love him on their team, I think that most people are forgetting that New Orleans must get something that they would like too. Here is my proposed deal:

Thunder Gets: Chris Paul..... (Line-up- Paul-Harden-Durant-Ibaka-Kristic)

Hornets Gets: Westbrook and Jeff Greene (Line-Up- Westbrook-Thorton-Green-West-Okafor)

The Hornets will never get a better deal. They get two young talented players and a pg to build around. Pretty complete team that can compete now and will get better as Westbrook and Green continues to improve. We know what Westbrook can do, but I think Greene can excel out of Durants shadow and will be an all-star, Pretty complete team.

The Thunder...adds the best facilitator with the best scorer. Paul is also a better shooter than Westbrook which will even space the floor more for Durant. This also gives Harden the opportunity to really step up and how that he deserved to be picked ahead of Tyrek Evans. Not saying he'll be better, but he'll be darn good. Paul and Harden will complement each other perfectly. Durant game again will only improve with a true pg in paul. The team also has decent big men in Ibaka, Aldrich, Kristic to build around. Very talented defensive team, and with Paul, will continue to be a talented offensive team. This move also helps the Thunder financially. Paul/Durant with demand max contracts, but Westbrook and Greene will demand high contracts as well. Thunder may have had to over pay Greene to keep him.

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I wouldn't give up Westbrook for Paul in a million years.

I wouldn't give up Westbrook for Paul in a million years. And definitely not Westbrook AND Green. The Thunder have a great young nucleus, they should keep their cornerstones and continue to build around them. Have you seen them play last night against the Bulls... they look even better than last year.

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Yeah the only team Paul would

Yeah the only team Paul would fit with is Orlando because their superstar isn't ball dominant. Work out whatever trade from that you want, but that is his ideal destination. Knicks would work as a second option simply because STAT knows how to play with a stud PG.

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if your going to do a trade

if your going to do a trade idea for the Hornets do some Okafor or Peja trades, the two that are most likely to be traded

Trades i'd like to see are

Okafor and Willie Green for Jamal Crawford


Aaron Gray and Peja for Sammie D and a future 2nd rounder


Belinelli and for Charlie V (cap dump for detroit)

Paul - Bayless - Thorton

Crawford - Thorton - Pondexter

Ariza - Pondexter - Alexander

West - Charlie V - Smith

Sammie D - Smith - Mbenga

This wont happen but i can only hope being a Hornets fan

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