best ncaa champions

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best ncaa champions

Watching this special b4 UK vs Louisville talking about NCAA tournament. The coach's are talking about there favorite ncca teams. Too me the best champion team I watched was Duke 2001 5 NBA players plus a few that had short NBA stints. The level Jay Williams was playing at was amazing. The first Chris paul before the bike injury with better size. Shane Battier Boozer mike Dunlevy Jr Chris Rubin b4 all the parting. They were so good don't look at there NBA cARRER just think of how good of college players they were.Shane B was a defensive stud who could play offensive shot post finish.

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I'm only 18 so I don't

I'm only 18 so I don't remember a lot of the teams I used to watch, but the 2 Florida teams, the '08 Kansas team and the '09 UNC team were all really good. I'm sure that Duke team could probably take all of them, I just don't remember watching them considering I was only 6

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i'm 25

and that duke team was was them and michigan state every year for a while it seemed like....Mateen Cleaves was one of my favorite college players I thought he'd be so good in the nba and well errr....uh.....

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I'm 26 and remenber that Duke

I'm 26 and remenber that Duke team and they were dominant. Jay Williams was great but he never had CP3's court vision, he was more of a scoring PG very similar to Damian Lillard. Shane Battier believe it or not was a monster in the post in college scoring, dunno what happen in the league, it;s like he forgot how to score.

The UNC team lead by Felton and McCants and Shawn May was special too as were both the Florida teams.

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hell yea that unc team was

hell yea that unc team was dynamite. Marvin williams came off the bench for god sakes lol

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