Best FIt 1-10

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Best FIt 1-10

1. Cleveland: Embiid, Parker

If the Cavs decide to keep this pick. With a solid groups of big men, Cleveland can afford to bet on Joel Embiid's recovery, and have him as a future star. Parker, fits because he can scoring off-ball as well as on- ball. Also he has a great personality, so if Cleveland gets to small for Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters, they'll still have Jabari.

2. Milwaukee: Embiid, Parker

Larry Sanders will possibly get cut or worst suspension for abusing and the NBA drug poilcy. So enter Embiid, I'm pretty sure the Bucks still have their next year picks, so they probably won't mind sucking again if Embiid is slowly progressing. Parker is a good fit, because he provides an immeadiate star and a great personality that can stay and thrived in Milwaukee.

3. Philadelphia: Wiggins, Parker

Up-tempo offense with no proven star 1st option. A very athletic defense and a great vetern to learn from in Thad Young. With Wiggins the sky's the limit for Philly with a core of MCW,Wiggins, and Noel. Parker wouldn't fit perfectly in our up-tempo offense, however he'll be perfect as our primary half-court option.

4. Orlando: Wiggins, Embiid, Smart, Exum

The Magic are stockpiling on talent. But ae primary focusing on the defense side of the ball. Imagine Smart/ Exum in the backcourt with Oladipo and Harkless on the wing. However, with Jameer Nelson's time ending, they'll probably look to grab Exum or Smart even if Embiid is still there.

5. Utah: Vonleh, Parker

Of course Jabari Parker wouldn't fall past 3, but the Jazz are in serious talks with Cleveland to acquire the 1st pick. I believe that even if they can't pull off trading for the 1st, they'll still trade away F Derrick Favors leaving a hole for Vonleh. Other than Utah is a team waiting to come together.

6. Boston: Gordon, Vonleh, Smart, Embiid

The Celtics are looking for size. First, they have decent frontcourt, but are looking for improvements if Embiid slides. Celtics are jumping on him, if not Gordon is a player they love because of his size and versalitily as he can play the 3. Recently, teams began to view Marcus Smart as a combo guard, so it's possible for a Rondo/Smart backcourt next season in Boston.

7. Lakers: Randle, Gordon, Embiid, LaVine

The Lakers like Boston first option is Embiid if he slides that far, However that's a low possibility. What's realistic is the Lakers looking to move on from Pau Gasol with Randle or Gordon. LaVine is a sleeper pick here, he played for UCLA and as 1 of the highest ceilings in this draft, look for LAL to take him and have Kobe groom hi for a year or two.

8. Sacremento: McDermott, Stauskas, Smart, Harris, Young

Kins need perimeter scoring or a Point Guard. Look for the Kings to snatch up Smart if he's still on the board if not look for Dougie McBuckets, Nik Stauskas, Harris, Young.

9. New Orleans: McDermott, Stauskas, Harris, Young

The Hornets are in the same boat that Kings are in minus the guard need. They'll definitely snatch one of these players to get rid of Eric Gordon. And play Evans at either his natural SG or Sf.

10. Philadelphia: McDermott, Stauskas, Harris, Young, LaVine, Gordon, Harris, Young, Saric, Randle

THIS IS THE MOST INTRIGUING PICK because it all depends on the selection with 3rd pick. The Sixers are no doubt looking for outside scorers and LaVine maybe our first option here, but if they select Exum, I think they'll hope that either Randle, Gordon is available. Other that, everyone else fits in the selection of either Wiggins or Parker. Saric is probably the last resort.

Philadelphia will control this draft

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Cleveland should have drafted

Cleveland should have drafted Jonas Valanciunas when they had the chance.

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Here is who I think is the

Here is who I think is the best fit for each team, not who I think these teams will actually take on draft day.

Cavs-Embiid. They need the big man

Bucks-Parker. The skill set of Wiggins is too similar to Giannis and it's early for Exum

Sixers-Wiggins. Length and athleticism mesh with their core

Magic-Exum. I want to say Smart but I think Exum is more likely to be a true point to mix with Oladipo

Jazz-Smart. I doubt it happens but I see him as a better fit with their current group of players. A SG and second ball handler to pair with the smallish Trey Burke

Celtics-Gordon. His athleticism is a nice fit

Lakers-Randle. Tough to say since I don't know what other moves they plan to make but I see him as a guy with strength to mix next to finesse Gasol

Kings-Vonleh. A PF to pair with Cousins

Hornets-Stauskas. Gives them a shooter

Sixers-LaVine. Upside and a SG

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Quick Update for OP

The New Orleans Hornets are now the New Orleans Pelicans.

And the Charlotte Bobcats are now the Charlotte Hornets.

That being said they're probably looking at pretty much the same group just for different reasons. If they don't resign McRoberts they might also grab one of Gordon/Vonleh/Randle if one made it to 9.

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Best fit: Joel Embiid +

Best fit: Joel Embiid + Phoenix Suns

Because he's going to need all the medical treatment he can get.

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