Best Athlete Best Shooter Best Defender?

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Best Athlete Best Shooter Best Defender?

Hey guys whats up I was just wondering who do you think is the best in these categories in this years NBA draft .

Best Athletes (Blake griffin of course but who else besides of him?)
Best inside defenders ( shot blocking , Intimidation )
Best outside defenders (whos the best lock down defender in this years draft)?
Best 3pt Shooters
Best mid range shooters
Best Ball handlers
Best Basketball IQ , Who plays smart?

Tell me who do you think is best in those categories =)

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a few from each

athlete: stanley robinson
inside defender: cole aldrich jarvis varnardo
outside defenders: darren collison
best 3pt shooters:Wayne Ellington, Sam Young Craig Brackins, Willie Warren
IQ & ball handlers: RICKY RUBIO jonny flynn eric maynor patty mills

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when you talk about athlete what do you specifically mean. because jumping ability is not athleticism alone.

stanley robinson (blake is not the best athlete)
cole aldrich
darren collison
wayne ellington
craing brackins (how sam young? he just recently developed a some what reliable shot)
ball handling: johny flynn
iq= ricky

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NO ppl

Athlete:Terrence Williams
Inside Defender:Thabeet
Outside Defender:Jerel McNeal
Shooters:Wayne Ellington,AJ Abrams,McClinton,Ben Woodside (4 way tie)
Ball handler:Jonny Flynn
IQ:James Harden

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He is my take

Athlete:Demar Derozan/Gerald Henderson
Inside Defender:Dejuan Blair physical /Cole Aldrich lengthtand savy
Outside Defender: IDK
Shooters:Wayne Ellington, Eric Maynor
Ball handler:Jonny Flynn, Ty Lawson
IQ:James Harden

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my picks

Athlete: Henderson/DeRozan/Griffin
Inside Defender: Varnado
Outside Defender: Collison
Shooters: Ellington, Curry
Handles: Levance Fields, Ty Lawson
IQ: The Entire Duke Team. Too bad it doesnt translate into winning games by itself.

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Athlete- Chase

Athlete- Chase Budinger/DeMar DeRozan/Brandon Jennings
Inside Defender- Hasheem Thabeet
Outside Defender- Maybe Collison..
Shooter- Ben Woodside/Stephen Curry/Josh Akognon
Handling- Brandon Jennings/Jonny Flynn/Levance Fields

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In my opinion

Best Athletes-demar derozan, brandon jennings, blake griffin, stanley robinson, gerald henderson, chase buddinger,
Best inside defenders-thabeet, varnardo,aldrich
Best outside defenders -Harden, Stanley Robinson, Toney Douglas, Darren Collison (although lacks the strength needed)
Best 3pt Shooters-curry(if he declares), McClinton, AJ Abrams, Ellington
Best mid range shooters-maynor, a.j. price, collison,jeff pendergraph, goran suton
Best Ball handlers-Lawson,Jennings, Maynor, Flynn, a.j.price
Best Basketball IQ-Maynor, Collison, Buddinger, Harden, Lawson, Terrence Williams(although questionable shot election at times)

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Shooter- Stephen Curry (midrange and deep)
Athlete- Terrence Williams and Demar DeRozan
Post Defender- Hasheem Thabeet and Cole Aldrich
Perimeter Defender- Gerald Henderson, Jerel McNeal and Garrett Temple
Ballhandler- Brandon Jennings and Sherron Collins
BBall IQ- Nick Calathes; Jrue Holiday and I really think Daniel Hackett understands the game pretty darn well.

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mine is like this

Athlete- Stanley Robinson, Demar DeRozan, Chase Budinger
Inside D- Hasheem Thabeet and Jarvis Varnardo
outside D- Toney Gouglas
Best 3 point- Steph Curry, Jack McClinton, AJ Price
Mid Range- Wayne ellington, Gerald henderson, steph curry
Ball handler- Brandon Jennings, J Flynn
BBall IQ- Jon Scheyer

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Athlete- Chase Budinger,

Athlete- Chase Budinger, DeMar DeRozan, Stanley Robinson, Johnny Flynn, Blake Griffin
Inside Defender- Hasheem Thabeet, Aldrich
Outside Defender- Collison, Harden, Toney Douglas
Shooter- Stephen Curry, Chase Budinger, Woodside, Ellington
Handling- Brandon Jennings, Jonny Flynn, Ricky Rubio
BB IQ- Blake Griffin, Maynor, John Scheyer, Budinger, Collison, Rubio

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Athlete - Chris

Athlete - Chris Wright
Inside Defender - Jarvis Varnardo
Outside Defender - Chester Fraizer
Shooter - Steph Curry, Woodside, Orlando Mendez-Valdez
Handling - Flynn
BB IQ - Orlando Mendez-Valdez

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Athletes- DeRozan, Sam Young, T-Will
Inside defender- Jarvis Varnado
Outside defender- Jerel McNeal
3 point shooters - Stephen Curry, Josh Akognon, David Holston( Chicago State)
Mid-Range shooters - Jermaine Taylor, Eric Maynor, Gerald Henderson
Ball-handler- Jonny Flynn
BB IQ- James Harden, Eric Maynor

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Athlete: T-Will, Stanley Robinson, & Earl Clark
Inside Defender: Hasheem Thabeet (hands down)
Outside Defender: Stanley Robinson (lock down anyone), Demare Carroll (showed alot vs. Memphis) and Garrett Temple....all play very well outside D and they all have length
3-Point Shooter: Stephen Curry (with most potential) others include Jack McClinton, Jimmy Baron and Eric Maynor
Mid Range: Gerald Henderson, Jeff Adrien, & Dante Cunningham
Ball Handler: Jonny Flynn, AJ Price, Brandon Jennings, & Kemba Walker (so Tim Hardaway)
IQ: AJ Price, Eric Maynor, Jonny Flynn, Sherron Collins & Ty Lawson

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