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Bench Help

There are couple of teams out there that i feel can run for a championship if they had a little more bench help.

Memphis= They need a wing scorer and a three point shooter ) Dorrell Wright would not be a bad pick up for them.

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I agree, Ellington has fallen

I agree, Ellington has fallen way off. I guess Selby is not going to get the chance. I think Jared Dudley would be a nice fit with them.

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JJ Redick?

JJ Redick?

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Wayne ellington is shooting

Wayne ellington is shooting 40% from 3, that isnt bad. I would classify him as a 3 point shooter and pondexter isnt too bad of an option. They could use a better sixth man, but those guys are solid.

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but dudley is an upgrade for

but dudley is an upgrade for ellington and pondexter, and a solid sixth man for me,

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