Ben McLemore - NBAdraft #1?

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Ben McLemore - NBAdraft #1?

Dropping an impressive 16.4 points on 50.3% / 43.5% / 87.7% - Ben McLemore has jumped to the top of's rankings and remained there for the duration of the week. I just noticed he hasn't been discussed in the past few pages... (sorry if I've missed a topic)... so I'm curious at to what you guys make of him?

IMO the Ray Allen comparisons seem fair. He seems to have a really quick shot release and his jumpshot is silky smooth. He does possess great athleticism but isn't much of a slasher at this stage - though his reliance on his jumpshot, given his efficiency in shooting them - is not necessarily an issue.

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I am not so sure... Bazz has

I am not so sure... Bazz has been gathering steam and getting in shape and UCLA is on the midst of quite a turnaround so he might raise back to his pre-season place.

Nerlens has been, kind of, underwhelming but he still has the length and instincts that GM scouts fall in love with, Thabeet went #2 a few years back and he is no where near Nerlens..

These are the only three players I see having an actual shot, with Bennett the only one who can crush the party if he keeps playing as he has. All the others, Zeller included, have no virtual shot in my mind.

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i think McLemore will be the

i think McLemore will be the brad beal of this years draft except he will play well right away in the nba

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@bball junkie.

Maybe, maybe not, anyway both played together at st louis, mc lemore is older than beal(for the good measure), and actually beal is a full package 19 PPG (22/36 from deep) player in january...
"Except" he'll probably never play wit the price, temple, mack, livingston and jordan crawford of this the PG spot when he'll starts his nba career.
On Mc lemore i like the fact that he is a legit SG, he's cat quick(D potential), athletic, devastating on the open floor and he has a great elevation, quick release on his shot.
Never saw him create his own shot though, and i don't see that much of a great IQ, can you draft a catch and shoot guy, an off ball player with the 1st pick ?
He's a cavs-suns-pistons player IMO, cats can't keep the worst frontcourt in the history of the league.

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I think B Mac is a Terrence

I think B Mac is a Terrence Ross calibur talent who just plays a more efficient game due to Bill Self being possibly the best coach in the NCAA. Every year Self turns a player into a lotto pick. B Mac is probably his most talented player yrt but the same thing was said of Thomas Robinson last year.

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