Beejay Anya Wingspan

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Beejay Anya Wingspan

DeMatha Highschool product and NC State commit Beejay Anya is 6'8" and has a 7'9" wingspan

This makes Beejay Anya's wingspan the longest ever measured for an NBA draft prospect.

As far as players to ever play in the NBA, I could only find 2 who had reportedly longer wingspans. They are Manute Bol and Georges Muresan

Bol's wingspan was apparently 8'6"!?!?!
Muresan's was 7'10"

Anyway, I don't know how to post pictures but, trust me, the pictures in these two links are worth checking out.

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i saw the vid, wow, he could

i saw the vid, wow, he could really block, but can he jump high?,

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He's slow and out of shape.

He's slow and out of shape. The only thing great about his game is his length.
Word is that he's had a really disappointing senior yr.

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He better watch his body.

He better watch his body. I see alot of Oliver Miller, Jahadi White in his frame. He he develops good he could be a ben wallace undersized shot blocker. IF not over undersized Oliver Miller.

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