Beasley, Rose PART 2?

I know we have a lot of Blake Griffin lovers I mean yikes we are comparing him to Karl Malone , but do guys see a scenario that happen last year. Derrick Rose stealing away the thunder of Michael Beasley, and leap frogging him in the draft or is Mr. Griffin or should I say Mr Karl Malone Jr. the clear cut favorite. I don't want anyone putting Thabeet in there topic because everybody hates him. So now you guys have a ton guys to choose from like James Harden, Greg Monroe, Jordan Hill etc. One more question Brandon Jennings or Jeff Teague. Come on how do you consider jennings a first round pick. is a better site than

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brandon jeenings was all

brandon jeenings was all american
and consider the best player in the nation at his postion

he was going to arizona

where point gaurds like bibby
arenas, bayless,damon stoudimire,jason terry ,salim stoudimre, steve kerr all went

scoring point gaurds

great point gaurds

dont think for 1 second that brandon jeenings is
a not a lottery pick

hes juss in a slowed pace PROFFESIONAL GAME over seas
wich is differnt from our games over here

he has to play team ball

where in collge he would have been a star player for his team and had more freedom to shoot

and got more minutes

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If Jennings were at Arizona right Now I honestly think that he would be in the top three Scorers and assists men in the Pac Ten which is having a down year. Jennings would have Challenged ( poor mans Amare Stoudamire) Griffin for the NUmber one Pick Slot.

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You think this 6'1 175 point

You think this 6'1 175 point guard would dominate I know his background Mr. All American and all, but I saw him in AAU tourneys and I think he is just to rail thin to play in the league. That's why he isn't playing in Europe, Ricky Rubio is legit, and is younger than Jennings. Rubio is dub the next Steve Nash, but I didn't like him in the Olympics though.

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NBA Scout = moron

Every post i have read by you has been extremely wrong. You clearly do not have a clue. You hate Blake Griffin and Brandon Jennings even though they are probably the 2 most talented players in this draft. Is Chris Paul too skinny to play the point? How about Devin Harris? You are stupid

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So skinny small players can't make it in the league

Allen Iverson, Chris Paul, Sebastian Telfair, Devin Harris, TJ Ford, Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash are just a couple of players around 6-1, 175 playing decent, to pretty much spectacular in the NBA. Also, if Draftexpress is so good, why are you on this site, my guess, they kicked u off their site.

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Did Rose jump Beasley

I'm still not convinced Rose jumped Beasley based on talent. I still believe Rose went #1 because he was from Chicago. Also we have to factor in the height factor of Beasley as well. The Bulls needed a legit big man who could play inside and at Beasley 6'8 with shoes and 239pds he was/is built more like Carmelo Anthony than Carlos Boozer. If Beasley would have been 6'9 with shoes and Rose wasn't the hometown hero I am not sure we are even having this conversation right now. With that being said I think the best chance for anyone to pass Blake Karl Malone Jr. Griffin is Greg Monroe. He is the one player who I look at and think teams *might* regret taking Griffin over him. I will say Thabeet and BJ Mullens as well simply because teams love 7'0 footers but *if* Griffin Measures around 6'10 like he is listed than you can throw those two out the window.

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mullens and thabeet

Mullens jumping Grffin would be hillarious. I really hope it happens, the NBA really misses Sam Bowie jokes. The Thabeet thing has been adressed, and even though i was strongly against that it SHOULD happen, were Uconn to make a championship run and he turn it up a not notch its not impossible that it WOULD happen. I have to say that the only guy i could see jumping him is Rubio. He has a very unique game, one that hasn't really been seen in a point gaurd his size and with his athletic ability, which isn't at griffins level but above average at the NBA level. He is also 18, and not close to 19 yet. I'm not sure how his game projects to the NBA but the potential appears to be huge and I could see a GM wanting to find out, especially one of those Euro Favoring types. That would happen way before Mullens, thats hillarious. Another thing that wouldn't be the most farfetched would be if James Harden leads a Melo like tourney run at ASU, because the kid can really play and if he got huge pub attached to him like Griffin does, people would realize he is on that level too.

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mullins,thabeet,rubio,harden,etc.. Are NOOOO were near where griffin is. The closest person is jennings,who may jump griffin because he has it all except for size and defense. he will be a starter for which ever team drafts for the next ten years.Guaranteed.

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