Bears offense vs Packers defense

Which unit will prevail head to head?

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Then again, the more we

Then again, the more we talked with this new crop of Mavericks the harder it was to simply dismiss them out of hand.

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"He makes (my game) a lot

"He makes (my game) a lot easier. I can move without the ball and just trust that he'll make the right decision. It's as simple as that. I really don't have to work (as) hard to get opportunities. I find openings within the defense, and he makes the defense pay."

Center Dwight Howard verifies everything Bryant said.

"(Nash and Bryant) know how to play basketball," Howard said after practice."Being the guards, they understand how the offense has to run, and Steve has done an excellent job in finding the open guy. We're just going to play off that.i7657685

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In order for Curry to stick

In order for Curry to stick in Dallas, the Mavericks would have to complete a buyout or waive West, then make the decision that Curry is the right player to keep moving forward. Like Curry told HOOPSWORLD, the ultimate decision will be with the Mavericks as to whether or not the 10-year vet gets a shot at redemption in Dallas.

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