I caught the game in the middle of the 2nd half, I've never really like Lacedarius Dunn much as a player but he did his thing (he's still a nut though... PAUSE), Perry needs to be more active for a guy who is 6'll with a 7'4 wingspan and super-athletic because Tristan Thompson dogged him for boards, Texas has great players that are disciplined and well coached, they seem to get better every game, Perry has somewhat of a role but i feel he would be better off in a system with a great passing point guard and a coach that can work with him to find his identity as a player like a Coach K or a Billy Donovan type, Donovan did wonders working with multiplayer position/hybrid players like Corey Brewer, Noah, and Horford... those are my random thoughts in 1 big run-on sentence lol, any thoughts? I'm open to them... PAUSE... Thats what she said.

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