Batum- Otto Porter comparison

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Batum- Otto Porter comparison

Every time i see Batum play i picture Otto Porter in the future. He will bring exactly that type of impact.

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That's a good comparison, as

That's a good comparison, as Otto is along the lines of versatile small forwards. I don't think Otto can shoot it from deep as good as Nic, to me he reminds me alot of Andrei Kirelenko.

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Porter is closer to Batum,

Porter is closer to Batum, than he is to Kirelenko. In his prime Kirelenko averaged +2.5BPG and +1.5SPG in same season multiple times, he was an elite defender, Porter is not in that class nor I see him ever putting up those kind of defensive stats.

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Porter has a Ronnie Brewer

Porter has a Ronnie Brewer type hitch in his jumper, which makes me think he will struggle to shoot it consistently from three. I think he can perfect the mid-range shot as he already has a pretty good feel from that area in College. He will however be very similar to Batum in the fact he can make himself a terror defensively. He has unreal length and could become a lockdown guy eventually. I think what will hurt him the most is his athleticism, I don't think I've ever seen him dunk lol, I don't know maybe he has it but just doesn't show it often.As far as comparisons I see Tayshaun Prince who lacked elite athleticism, but used his incredible length to disrupt offenses and really bother offensive players.

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Porter doesn't have the

Porter doesn't have the athleticism that Batum has. Otto's lateral quickness and straight line speed isn't like Batum's He's got good length, smarts and anticipation so he can make up for that lesser quickness in some ways, but I don't think he'll be quite as versatile defensively as Batum. Batum can check 2-4 whereas I think Otto will be able to check 3-4.
Batum also has better ball skills (although Porter is a nice passer) to play out on the perimeter full time. I wouldn't trust Otto's handle or shooting ability as much, although I think he'll be able to get more work 20 feet on down in the high/mid post areas, running the baseline and helping out on the boards.

As for the comparisons in this thread, I think he's more AK47 than Batum...with less athleticism than both.

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He reminds me of Chandler

He reminds me of Chandler Parsons, who is killing it this season. Not the athletic ability of AK47 or Batum, but a, smart, well rounded player who can do a little bit of everything, and play about 3 positions, if needed. I love Porter's style of play and his story, and I think he has a bright future in the NBA.

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