Barnes vs. Robinson

Truthfully whenever ive watched Barnes play he doesnt stand out as a legitimate star player. But when Thomas Robinson play he reminds me of a young Amare....

If I had the second pick in the draft it would be hard for me to pass up on Robinson....


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Barnes isn't assertive

Barnes isn't assertive enough. The college game is made for big shooters/zone busters like him. He could turn the corner in the NBA, but I just don't see him as living up to his hype. Robinson reminds me not at all of Amare, but I love his motor and fire. He's going to take time to be able to score against bigs in the NBA - you saw how much trouble he had with Henson in the 2nd half - but with his work ethic, I think he gets there. Neither guy is a bust, nor are they so similar that I think there's a wrong answer - it just depends on team need. Neither is a franchise player, in all likelihood anyway, so both can make a case for going first depending on need.

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i respect that i just think robinson and amare both have high motors and were freakishly athletic.

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barnes is iffy

Barnes has limited range, and isn't a great finisher around the rim. These two things will keep him in the 2nd/3rd scoring option role for his NBA career.

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Robinson is athletic, but nowhere near "young Amare" athletic...

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barnes ceiling as a player isn't as high as robinson. Barnes will just be a good role player. Mcadoo will have a better NBA career then barnes

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I'm starting to think

I'm starting to think Robinson will be selected 2nd after Anthony Davis.

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Sully should be higher up!!!

Sully should be higher up!!!

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This draft is unappealing in

This draft is unappealing in general.

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I don't understand the Barnes

I don't understand the Barnes hype. I believe he can be a good NBA player, but why is he a top 3 pick? Like others have said, you hardly notice him when he's playing. He showed Kendal Marshall is a big part of his success. That game against OU was pitiful.

Thomas Robinson on the other hand looks like a man among boys. When you are watching the game you don't even have to know anything about basketball to know he's special. He puts all his effort and energy into the games while Barnes seems to be just chilling. Robinson makes plays that remind me of NBA players. Barnes just kinda chucks it up and drives when it's obvious.

I can't understand why anyone would take Barnes over Davis, Gilchrist and Robinson. It's between him and Drummond for my 4th pick.

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I'd take MKG over both. I

I'd take MKG over both. I love his intensity and passion for the game. Not to mention he's very athletic and a great defender.

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indiana bball

What makes you say that? We have a clear-cut number one, a bunch of nice talent at the top of the draft, and it should have decent depth all the way through the first round. Obviously this all hinges on guys coming out but yea not a bad draft this year.

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I would take Anthony Davis...see my mock draft.

Really, though, I prefer Michael-Kidd Gilchrist. He seems the most NBA-ready, as he is already a great player on both ends of the court with good size. But it certainly depends on the team.

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i said thomas robinson might

i said thomas robinson might go 2 over drummond not long ago and got like 10 negs... of course.

he has looked like josh smith lately who i got negged for comparing with... of course

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Harrison Barnes will be a

Harrison Barnes will be a considerably better PRO player then Robinson, while Barnes needed to be more assertive his game is much more suited for a pro style and Thomas Robinson will be a servicable player but does not have the superstar potential that Barnes has, alot of you guys need to stop looking at the last few games and look at the full body of work

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Thomas Robinson. The full

Thomas Robinson.

The full body of work 18 ppg 12 rpg 2 apg 1 blk 1 steal 51% FG 50% 3PT 68% FT

The first unanamous AP 1st Team All-American since Blake Griffin.

Big 12 Player of the Year

Wooden Finalist, Naismith Finalist

Lead Nation in Double Doubles

2nd in nation in rebounding

Maui Invitational All-Tournament Team

Big 12 1st Team

He had more individual awards but I got tired of looking them up.

Robinson has been doing what he's done in the last few games all season long. He's not a guy who played bad in the regular season, but is having a good tourney.

I think the 2nd pick will be MKG or Robinson, I'd love to see a Kentucky v Kansas rematch in the Championship game.

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Still not sure Robinson's a

Still not sure Robinson's a better pro than Sullinger though he probably has less bust potential and should go first. I fully expect both to be at worst very good starters.

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