Bargnani trade rumors

What can we get for this defensive liability?

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No idea, not sure what other

No idea, not sure what other GMs think of him, but personally I would settle for a young player or two (preferably a defensive minded big) and a mid-to-early first round disrespect to Bargs, he's just not the right fit for the direction this team is going.

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a raw young swingman with

a raw young swingman with good potential at least,ironically the Kings have Casspi and Greene but Andrea can go fauk himself. They should trade Andrea on draft night for a pick even the Bucks pick at best,Hornets may want him for their pick if they think Landry is just a bench player and West obviously would have to leave in free agency,the Suns could trade their pick for him they do have Channing Frye but they have made strange moves lately. They could trade for Oj Mayo if Randolph leaves.

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you pair bargnani with a

you pair bargnani with a banger at the 5 spot and you have a deadly frontcourt...kendrick perkins and bargnani would = serious success

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serious success

serious success

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Think we could trade bargs

Think we could trade bargs for Javale Mcgee, or any decent center?

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Until you see how Bargs and

Until you see how Bargs and Valanciunas work together I wouldn't consider trading him. A good point was made that Bargnani needs a banger, well Jonas could be that guy. He was giving a lot more effort defensively last season before he got injured. Hopefully he can stay healthy for a year, I wouldn't be prepared to give up on him just yet.

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