King Topsy Turvy


King Topsy Turvy of Topsy Turvy

Was boggled in the brain

Wondering how his kingdom started to rotate

He would call upon the smartest three in all of the lane.

“You will solve this problem of ours” he commanded.

Londo, Pingrowe, and Lemonsa made no objection.

“We will try our best Master Turvy” they replied.

They were about to begin their problem dissection.

3 days had gone by and no ground gained

The people of Topsy Turvy were beginning to worry

“What is going on ?” They questioned the King.

He had no answer so the people started to build fury.

The King, feeling the pressure, to please his people

Travels to Villkilla to seek answers from his three men.

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I get it.

I get it.

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haaaaaaaa. I just posted this

haaaaaaaa. I just posted this here because my school block all social sites on their computers so I can't access my email.... Had to ind a place to put it so I can get it once I got to school, since I lost my flasdrive.

PS... The story isn't even finished

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