Avengers NBA style

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Avengers NBA style

In honor of the Marvel action movie that is coming out, I decided to make an Avengers team out of current NBA players based on personality and talent/ability.

Captain America: Chris Paul. Just like Steve Rogers, Chris Paul is a soft spoken no nonsense guy who leads by example but also knows when to take charge. Like Captain America, he may not be the best or most talented of the bunch, but he understands what it means to be on a team and to be a leader.

Runner Up: Steve Nash/Derrick Rose

Iron Man: LeBron James. Kid like maturity, always seeking attention, savvy businessman, comfortable in a crowd, this describes not only Tony Stark but LBJ. Basically the opposite of Captain America/Chris Paul, James is more vocal and flashy than his counter-part, along with showing a more wide range of skills like Iron Man himself. Not considered to be the leader that Captain America is.

Runner Up: Dwight Howard

Thor: Kobe Bryant. Arrongant, selfish, super-confident, the Black Mamba exemplifies all of these attributes of the God of Thunder. Like Thor, Kobe has been able to electrify Midgard (Earth) with his talent and skills, showing us all how truly gifted he is.

Runner Up: Carmelo Anthony (way lesser of an extent.)

The Hulk: Blake Griffin: Need I say more? Since he has come into the league, Griffin has wrecked havok on all 58 NBA rims with his powerful dunks. Like the Hulk, many players have become victims of these displays of strength. You won't like it when he's angry.

Runner Up: DeMarcus Cousins (more of the personality, less of the strength.)

Hawkeye: Dirk Nowitzki. Loves the pressure, very clutch, super accurate, Dirk shows to have all of Hawkeye's integral attributes. Like the marksman, Nowitzki can shoot it at a supreme level, even when the stakes are high.

Runner Up: Kevin Durant

Black Widow: Chris Bosh. (Haha just kidding, no girls in the NBA so I can't really give a comparison for the Black Widow. I also don't watch the WNBA so yeah no comparison from me)

That's my list. I'm curious to see who you all would choose.

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My Avengers

Capt. America : Tim Duncan. Certainly not the most vocal but a born leader and leads by example.

Iron Man: Dwight Howard Physically, he's the Iron Man on the NBA. Only missed 4 games from 2004-2011 season. Attention seeker, refer to the trade rumor fiasco he went through.

Thor: Carmelo Arrogant, selfish and superconfident. That's Melo to me


Hawkeye: Durant. The NBA hasn't seen yet a player with the size, athleticism and shooting of a Kevin Durant. He's a clutch player and still improving. 23 years old only.

Nick Fury: Gregg Popovich The brain behind the team.

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iron man: karl

iron man: karl malone

hawkeye: larry BIRD

black widow: sasha vujacic haaa

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Cool post +1 for creativity

Cool post +1 for creativity

Capt America- D Rose

Iron man- John Wall

Hulk- Ron Artest

Thor- Melo

Hawkeye- Steve Novak

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how can Steve Nash be Capt.

how can Steve Nash be Capt. America if he's Canadian??? haha, cool post tho +1

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nice post, u hit them on the head

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Loki- Pat Riley

Loki Tom Hiddleston walks to set of "The Avengers" filming in Central Park, NYC.

The man behind all that is evil!

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