Austrlian Baketball

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Austrlian Baketball

I'm an Australian but I watch NBA games when I can on ESPN.

The point of my article is that there are few Aussie basketball players in the league and there is even less NBA coverage in Australia but it is getting better and it is hard to keep every one happy . What I have been really excited about is the prospect that we will have another Aussie in the league in Patrick Mills he should be drafted this year from Saint Mary's and I think he will be drafted at number 14 or 15 by either the Chicago Bulls or Phoenix Suns. If he goes to Phoenix I could see a great team with Patrick Mills and Steve Nash as the 2 guards and then with Shaq ,Amare Stoundemire and then with Jason Richardson of the Bench this team could even win the Western Conference.

The NBA has many internationals and There are plenty of good Aussie players going around and hopefully we will see them playing in the NBA in the future.

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