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I am from the Land Down Underrrrr.

And we have a few draft prospects in the works this year, headed ofcourse by Patty Mills.
On a lot of sites he seems to be rated quite low as a PG, like around 10th, and was wondering if anyone can see him sneaking up in the draft into the mid first round rather than late 20s where he is mostly projected?
It doesnt seem like to great a stretch, does it? I mean he is insanely fast, played out of his brains at the olympics, and completely dusted Steph Curry with only one good hand in the NIT quarterfinals I think it was.
People say he has low percentages on 3s, but the same people are really high on Flynn, who looked like he couldn't hit a single shot in his workout films, especially from 3. He even admitted it was the worst part of his game.. So why aren't people saying Mills can work on his shot and move up in the board like Flynn? Maybe after he goes and thrashes Rubio and Jennings in Europe he will rise (am assuming he will - slightly bias ha)?

Do we think he will eventually stay in the draft or go back to school? He still hasn't hired an agent.

There is also a few rumours that a young kid who has been playing in Aus called Joe Ingles has been impressing teams in workouts, especially the Pistons. He isn't in this sites mock but there are rumours he might go in the mid-second round. Maybe Detroit at 39 as a backup for Prince? A SF who can pass and has a decent jumpshot? From memory he's also a lefty?

And finally Luke Nevill - I don't think he will get drafted, if he does it will be late in the second round i guess, but the rumours that have been on tv down here are that Houston might be looking at taking him as a free agent should he not be drafted - mostly as a young backup for Yao at the end of games etc.

What do you guys think?

Ps this is my first post so be gentle.

Pps where is Iverson going to be next season? Bobcats with LB? Minny?

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Flynn has more hops and passing skills than Mills

I don't see mills as a point guard. He does not distribute the ball good enough to me. He is quick and fast, but he does not seem to be a facilitator of the offense. He is a back up point guard even if he gets drafted. I would not compare him to Flynn who I think has better passing skills and is a better athelete even though Mills is decent athletically himself.

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