Austin Rivers - Finally Semi-Productive

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Austin Rivers - Finally Semi-Productive

I always thought drafting Rivers was a mistake but after all the hate he's received (justifiably so) I actually started pulling for him and it looks like he's finally starting to be a productive NBA player in the last 10 games. Here are his stats from those games:

MP: 23.5
FG%: 52%
PTS: 7.1
REB: 1.7
AST: 1.6
TOV: 0.5

Not going to blow anybody away with those numbers but at least now he's looking like he could be a productive 6th man for New Orleans

Compare these to his full season stats and you can see how much more efficient he's become:

MP: 23.2
FG%: 37.2%
PTS: 6.2
REB: 1.8
AST: 2.1
TOV: 1.2

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Yep, he was starting to play

Yep, he was starting to play well, but he broke his hand last night, such a shame.

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dang. thats bad news. I

dang. thats bad news. I think he will be a good NBA player, but I think people were down on him too early. you have to realize, this kid wasnt really ready to be a productive NBA player...but nowadays if you arent people automatically dismiss you.

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Breaking his right hand might

Breaking his right hand might be a blessing in disguise. He can finally work on that left hand.

Most of his troubles right now is that he is too weak so an offseason where he bulks up considerably would do wonders for his game.

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He has a ton of talent. I

He has a ton of talent. I think his confidence was completely shot when he started off so bad... it would be tough for anyone to over come this same situation. I expect him to be much better next year.

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They really could have used

They really could have used him lastnight, noone could make a shot in the 4th

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Austin Rivers has gobs of

Austin Rivers has gobs of potential, to everybody thinking he's going to be a bust, you guys are going to look really silly in 3 years. Rivers has a special ability to take people off of the dribble and get his shot off. His main problem was his shot simply wasn't falling but the tools are there to be great.

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