austin rivers

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austin rivers

After having a terrible rookie season, what does his future look like in the NBA. Could he ever be a starter? Will he last more then 5 years?

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He'll be OK

I really never thought he would be a superstar to begin with.

Most players have a rough rookie year. Does not mean he is going to be a washout. I think if he can find a role that suits his game there is a good chance of a solid career. To early to tell if he can develope into a solid starter. Like most rookies he is just not a complete player right now.

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I'm not giving up on him

I still think he has a future in this league. He may not be an all star but i still think he can develop into a 6th man who can just come in and get buckets for a team. Something similar to OJ mayos role when he was with the grizzlies his last year

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Come on people the kid is 20

Come on people the kid is 20 years old. He has ways to go but he's a smart and hard working guy from what I've seen and heard. Plus he's been kind of lost between playing Sg and Pg because the Hornets don't really know what they want from him yet. I think he will definitely last more than 5 years and could eventually be a starter in the right situation. Remember that most players his age are still polishing their game in college. People hyped him up a bit too much before the draft but he's gonna be fine.

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Expect big things from him next year

He will improve his J, and once thats falling he will cause problems. Small issue that can be fixed. His J will improve. He will get stronger and to the line more.

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As long as he plays shooting

As long as he plays shooting guard and not point guard he will be fine, the experiment failed and grevis vasquez is a solid point guard, hopefully they can trade eric gordon and get him some minutes.

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I like the O.J Mayo

I like the O.J Mayo comparison coming off the bench, which he'll have to accept since he'll be undersized and the thought of him playing point guard...yeah

Sixth man is not a bad role at all to have throughout a career, and he can't possibly play any worse than last season. Nowhere to go but up. Progression!

edit: THIS season***. oops

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While he certainly can't play

While he certainly can't play much worse than he did as a rookie, I am not sure he really would fit next to Vasquez well. I think Rivers will probably get some minutes because he was a lottery pick and NO isn't very deep, but I don't see him stepping up as the Pelican's starting SG, even if they trade Gordon. His problem is that he is a slashing SG who just isn't a good enough finisher at the rim or an athletic enough slasher to score efficiently at the NBA level. He needs to really work on his jump shot and develop as a passer.

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Classic case of guy who can't

Classic case of guy who can't shoot who loves to shoot. Just look at his FT% from all the way back to high school. I compared him to Jamal Crawford before, but I was wrong. Crawford is actually a very good shooter compared to this guy.

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Too much too soon

This was just way too much too soon. IMO, he won't be a complete failure. I think the expectations set for him were far too high. Yes his dad is a former NBA player and currently a great NBA coach. Yes he was a top recruit out of high school. Yes he had some big moments at Duke, such as his big shot against UNC. But wayyyy too much hype. He needs to slow down and let the game come to him. He basically thinks he's Steph Curry out there. He just needs to realize that he isn't the #1 option at all times. If he learns this and makes better decisions, I could see him being a very valuable 6th man for the Pelicans (assuming they keep Gordon and either resign Vasquez or draft Burke).

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