Atlanta Hawks

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Atlanta Hawks

I'm a pretty big Hawks fan, and I have been for a while. There's a lot of buzz surrounding Josh Smith, and I'm thankful for the years he has put in and the times that he has actually played his heart out...

BUT Josh Smith is somewhat of a cancer to our team. I know he is single handedly willing us through this tough stretch where both our other stars (Johnson/Horford) are injured, but he is just not a smart player.

I've heard a whole bunch of trade rumors. Bill Simmons reported yesterday that we offered Josh Smith for Derrick Williams and Anthony Randolph, but the T'wolves rejected it.

Just wondering if you guys have heard in buzz surrounding Smith.

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If I'm twolves

I make that trade in a heart beat.

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I agree. While Josh Smith is

I agree.

While Josh Smith is very good, his attitude is all jacked up and he is a cancer, I think he is more concerned about getting his than anything else.

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They need to trade

Tbh, this team is stuck on the mediocrity treadmill. They have a team that will make the 2nd round of the playoffs, but get bounced every time by a better team. They need to trade Josh Smith for someone that might put them over the top.

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Tbh, this team is stuck on

Tbh, this team is stuck on the mediocrity treadmill.

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my question is who the hell

my question is who the hell starts at the 3 for ATL (kover, deshawn stevenson, james anderson, anthony morrow, josh smith, mike scott, etc.?)

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