Are my ratings too low?

Im almost done completing my mock NBA 2k12 draft class, but Im starting to wonder if I created the prospects with ratings that are too low. I keep reading (and know) that this year class will be deep and very talented, with players that can contribute right away. So with that being said here are a few of my prospects with their base rating and potential rating.

Name Rating Potential

  • Andre Drummond 75 95 (He's supposed to be a phenom)
  • Harrison Barnes 74 90
  • Anthony Davis 74 90
  • Jarred Sullinger 73 85
  • Terrence Jones 72 85
  • Perry Jones 71 88
  • Jeremy Lamb 71 85
  • Quincy Miller 71 85
  • Maquis Teague 70 85
  • Michael Gilchrist 70 85
  • Austin Rivers 69 88
  • Thomas Robinson 69 80
  • Bradley Beal 68 85
  • Trevor Mbakwe 68 75
  • John Henson 67 85
  • Kris Middleton 67 75
  • Kris Joseph 67 75
  • Terrence Ross 67 80
  • C.J Leslie 66 75
  • Myck Kabongo 66 80

Its really hard for me to put a rating on most the players because the last years picks aren't in the game. I went off the average player rating for each position and draft boards to put together this draft, its taking some time to do but will be very accurate once complete. If you have input please do share as I am open to many opinions.

P.S The reason for this post....... I heard that Kyrie Irving's base player rating is supposed to be a 78. (My opinion.... its too high) but then again it is at the PG position. What do you think?

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Drummond is lower than a 75

Drummond is lower than a 75 at this point in his career imo.

Thats about all i'd change.

Demar Derozan is a 69 rating in 2k. I dont think many of these players are as good as derozan at this point in time, but 2k has a rating system blah blah blah.

I hate 2k ratings lol.

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Davis vs. Drummond

Would you give Anthony Davis a better potential rating than Andre Drummond..... Im thinking of giving Davis a 99 and Drummond a 95. I keep getting reports that its never been a prospect like Davis, not that he is the best prospect. But that his skills are unique with a unlimted potential ceiling. You can make the same argument for Drummond though of course, so what do you think?

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