Aquille Carr

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Aquille Carr

Now that the EuroCamp is over and he was the lone American born player invited...o ya not to mention he is kind of abnormally short, which definitely helps gain notoriety. I've seen his vids and read up on him, he obviously can ball and has skills, but there seems to be no denying he is a "street baller." Not to subject certain traits and skills to a type of basketball, but there are many players like this...Telfair for example.

Any idea why this kid didn't stay committed to Seton Hall? Obviously he wanted to make money, but after his performance everything I've read points in a direction of no european team signing him anymore. It's sad really, b/c his size obviously intrigued me as well as everyone else. Thoughts? Future?

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He couldn't qualify

He couldn't qualify academically, thats pretty much the only reason he's head over seas.

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Guys like Earl Boykins making

Guys like Earl Boykins making the NBA are like almost never. Him being 5'7 obviously is a huge disadvantage. He's almost 20 years old and just graduated high school, as old as he was for his class, Carr wasn't even ranked in the Top 100. He'd might declare for the draft but never get picked. However he could potentially have a successful Europeon career.

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He's already got a kid.

He's already got a kid.

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His reason was because he has

His reason was because he has a daughter and wanted to support her

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He couldn't qualify

He couldn't qualify academically & I don't see him fitting into any kind of structured offense. His mixtapes are fun to watch though.

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Hello Filipino basketball league!

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Maybe if he was a year or two

Maybe if he was a year or two younger the JUCO Route could have helped but idk at the Age of 20. He could have then moved up to Division I College Basketball after that step but that's out the window... Wish him the best though.
Exciting player to watch..

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