Anthony Randolph future nba center?

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Anthony Randolph future nba center?

Can Anthony Randolph turn into a top ten center in the nba? i know he needs to put on alot more weight but he possible can be a smoother verison of Tyson Chandler? With his development at the five and wesley Johnson development at the two can put the wolves into the playoffs and some?

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He certainly has the skillset

He certainly has the skillset but you're talking about at least 5 years (or around 26/27 years old) when his body fills out. People forget that Tyson Chandler started out as a part-time SF and is now one of the league's best centers.

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I have noticed that young big

I have noticed that young big men in the NBA are extremely immature. Not only their bodies but their mental make up too. I don't know why. I do know that men do not fully grow and fill out until they are 24-25 years old, that is when your bones fuse. Until then you have little gaps between the bones that are still a little soft. It could be a source of injury for younger players too.

But not only are they physically not yet matured being that tall has other medical issues. One of them is Marfans syndrome/disease. Many suffer from forms of that and it affects the heart. Many players had to end their careers because of issues with their hearts. A person is not supposed to be 7 feet tall, so a person who is that tall has some issues that the medical profession still have not found out about.

I like Anthony Randolph, I think it's possible he will be a good player some day. Right now he just plays a very inconsistent game in terms of technique and effort. But that goes or many, many big men who just never made it in the NBA. Some were too mature and many more were too immature, many had extreme personality issues and ended up with drug problems.

I hope he gets serious and starts working on his body, his mind and his game. So many just do not have the mental toughness needed to be an NBA player. If you want to look at mental toughness look at players like Kobe and MJ, to me they were the tops in recent history for just plain mental toughness. Many big men just do not posses that mental will over their bodies.

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Wesley is our of position at the 2, and no way the development of Randolph and Johnson puts the Wolves in the playoffs, unless your talking about 2016!

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Too Thin

Randolph is wayyy too thin to play center, almost too thin to even play power forward.

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Give him time... he might

Give him time... he might just be able to pull it off..

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His game is suited to be more of like a Chris Bosh. He can hit the outside jumper and drive to the basket around slower bigs.

Of course he'd have to put on some weight so that he could defend big guys down low...


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