Anthony Lee

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Anthony Lee

I was watching Temple play over the weekend, and I noticed Anthony Lee pretty much right off the bat. I don't watch a lot of Temple basketball, but he's got an NBA body, with a terriffic wingspan and a pretty nice touch on his hook shot and short jumpers. He's a little on the thin side, but I feel his frame will allow him to add a few pounds without sacrificing any athleticism. He's only a soph and is putting up 11.3 ppg and 7.1 rpg which is much improved to what he did last year.

I think he could be a late 1st rounder next year in 2014. He was bothered a bit by the size of Jeff Withey ( but who isn't ) but he didn't back down and I think he could be a 1st rounder next year or at the least a mid 2nd rounder his Sr year if he doesn't develop as much as I think.

Anyone else seen more of him? Thoughts?

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I have seen quite a few of

I have seen quite a few of his games and have been pretty impressed myself. His biggest scoring game was against Syracuse and they are supposed to be pretty tough inside. He got into foul trouble early in the Duke game and once he was out Plumlee had his way. He is under the radar for sure but could see him working his way into the first round eventually.

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