Anthony Bennett: Who does he remind you of?

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Anthony Bennett: Who does he remind you of?

I have to admit, I have not seen him play.. Would you say Larry Johnson?

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A wider body Brandon Bass for

A wider body Brandon Bass for me.

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Reminds me of C Webb.. Hes a

Reminds me of C Webb.. Hes a beast, i seen him dribble to the rack the other day when they played. He has skills

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Not Larry Johnson. LJ was so

Not Larry Johnson. LJ was so much more of a complete player. He was a true hub of an offense because of his awesome passing and playmaking ability. He was also a much better back to the basket player with his footwork and ability to wheel into the lane.

When he plays the high and mid-post his offensive game reminds me of a smaller Elton Brand. I heard he wants to be a SF though which IMO would be a big mistake. When he tries to play more on the perimeter, he reminds me of Derrick Williams.

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Paul Millsap/ Poor mans Larry

Paul Millsap/ Poor mans Larry Johnson. He's a walking mismatch he just needs to refine his post skills and his perimeter game and then he will be a true inside out threat.

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Face wise - Rudeboys

Face wise - Rudeboys mom

Skill wise - a rich mans Ryan Gomes

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definitely not Larry Johnson,

definitely not Larry Johnson, lol. agree with Siggy....LJ was much more refined than Bennett will ever be. Man....LJ had such incredible ball skills and soft hands, but also tremendously athletic. The Bass comparison isnt bad. I would say a combination of Milsap/Maxiel.

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anywhere from millsap to

anywhere from millsap to brandon bass with more heart

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To those comparing Bennett to

To those comparing Bennett to Bass, have you guys even watched Bennett play at all? Bennett's ball handling is so impressive for his size that he is considered by some as a SF prospect. Bass has zero playmaking skills at all.

While Bennett is not as refined in the post as Larry Johnson coming out of college, the similarities to their game is well on point. LJ also stayed 2 years in college which gave him more time to polish his game before coming to NBA. Bennett is a combination of LJ/Elton Brand.

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Bennett's only like 6'7 tops.

Bennett's only like 6'7 tops. His ballhandling is not impressive for his size.

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millsap/maxiell body with

millsap/maxiell body with more athleticism

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Despite not having the all

Despite not having the all around game that Larry Johnson possessed, Bennett still reminds me of him more then anybody else because of his intensity, strength, quickness, and aggressiveness when attacking the basket.

Remenber that Larry Johnson played 2 years of JR college and then 2 years at UNLV before becoming the first overall pick so it goes without saying that he was a lot more polished coming into the league. But Bennett is only a freshman and there is no doubt in my mind that he could potentially gain that polish with work and experience.

Paul Milsap is a solid comparison except that Bennett just seems to play at a higher level with much more intensity. Milsap has a lot of skill, while Bennett has a lot of tenacity much like LJ.

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Bennett has a similar body to

Bennett has a similar body to Bass but otherwise, I don't see the comparison. Bass is an extremely one-dimensional player who can basically only hit mid-range jumpshots, which he's not doing as well as in the past. His rebounding, ballhandling and passing are below-average to extremely below-average. Bennett is a lot more skilled and smarter on the court.

I could see Bennett being like Millsap who is a very fine player despite being only 6'7.5 in shoes. If Bennett turns out to be another Millsap, he will have done very well for himself.

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Comparing Bennett to Bass is

Comparing Bennett to Bass is the classic "I have no clue what this guy can do, so Im going to guess on his body type and what I've heard".

Bennett will be one of the best Pros in this draft. He is versatile, plays under control, and has the potential to have a very good post up game.

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His wide body, shooting, and

His wide body, shooting, and athleticism are going to be ideal in a pick and roll based offence as well.

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He reminds me of someone but

He reminds me of someone but I can't remember. It's not Brandon Bass, Paul Milsap or Larry Johnson. I'm a bit drunk though. It is blank right now. Hmm. I do think that Bennett will be a very good NBA player.

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carl landry/larry

carl landry/larry johnson/corliss williamson combo

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