Another Mello trade

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Another Mello trade

this is a three team deal that involves Denver of course with New Jersey and Charlote....and it has Carmello goin to NJ for some young assets in Derick Favors and T Williams who i think is ready to have a big season...and hopefully some cap relief with Boris Diaw..which .i think his contract expires if im not mistaken....and it also has guard Devin Harris going to Bobcats to give them a point guard that i think will work well with Jackson, and Wallace...i know thats goin to leave NJ with almost absolutly no ball handlers exept if you want to give New Jersey either Lawson, or DJ Aug...go ahead....or they can wait for another point guard to sign in free agency...i think Harris will be easy to replace so im not worried bout that....and i think favors will work better with Billups then he would with harris


Billups, Affalo, TWillams, Favors/Diaw/or Martin, and Nene When you trade a great player you never get equal return you just hope that the young players u get will develop...and i think Twilliams will develop into a good player...maybe an allstar...he has the talent...


Farmar, Morrow, Mello, Murphy, Lopez....beffy front line when Murphy gets healthy and they can be a special team...if they add a couple pieces


Harris, Jackson, Wallace,tryus, Kwame...i think they would be a great premiter deffense team

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I was sitting around today thinking about what NBADRAFT.Net could use to improve itself and what I came to my mind was the exact trade you came up with!!

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nj cant trade harris without getting a pg back

they cant go into the season wiht farmar as their starter hes a very good back up pg ut hes not a starter and i totally agree that twill is gonna have a break out year so if the nugs can get favors twill and the diaw cap relief good trade when u know ur gettign nothing if you dont trade him cause hes leaving in fa next year

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Dallas * has to be done after

Dallas * has to be done after December 15th

Trade Exceptions, Picks, Haywood, Stevenson, Ajinca, and D. Jones (Barera can be thrown in if wanted by Denver) for Mello and Birdman

Dallas beomes

Kidd - Beabouis - (Barera) - Terry

Butler - Terry - Beabouis

Mello - Marion / Novak

Dirk - Marion / Ajinca

Chandler - Birdman - Mahani

Denver becomes

Billups - Lawson - (Barera) (expiring)

Afflalo (expiring) - D. Jones - Stevenson (expiring)

Smith (expiring) -Stevenson (expiring) - Harrington

Martin (expiring) - Harrington - Balkman

Haywood - Nene - Ajinca (expiring)

Cap relief after this yr with this roster is about 44.7 million

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yeah i know farmar cant be

yeah i know farmar cant be your starting point guard...but they should try to replace him through free would be wrong to not include devin harris if he was ask for...

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