Andrew Wiggins game reminds me of

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Andrew Wiggins game reminds me of

Darius Miles.... of course he's gonna be better but Darius Miles had a LOT of potential on both sides of the ball. He can be what Miles should've been

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T-Mac / Grant Hill before the

T-Mac / Grant Hill before the injuries

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does anyone know where Darius

does anyone know where Darius Miles would've gone to college?

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St. John's along with Omar

St. John's along with Omar Cook

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Wiggins is absolutely nothing

Wiggins is absolutely nothing like Darius Miles. I saw Miles a lot in high school, watched his whole career, absolutely no similarities.

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I was going to say

Grant Hill was also the guy I was envisioning when projecting Andrew Wiggins at the NBA level. Hill averaged in 20-21 ppg, sporting an all-around game in his early years before exploding for 26ppg in the 99'-00' season. T-mac competed for a scoring title, and I don't know if Wiggins has the mentality to score at that kind of volume, albeit it does seem as if he will at least have the talent to be one in the NBA.

To answer your question, Fandango, Darius Miles signed his letter-of-intent with St. John's.

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Jabari Parker reminds me more

Jabari Parker reminds me more of Grant Hill than Wiggins imo

Wiggins kinda reminds me of a taller Westbrook the way he attacks at the rim with brute force, but with more all around skill

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Comparison of styles

Current Andrew Wiggins reminds me a lot of a highschool DeMar DeRozan (with a better handle).

Remember, DeRozan was considered one of the likely candidates for the #1 overall pick during his senior year is HS.

Wiggins will probably turn out better than DeRozan though within his first couple of years in the league.

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darius miles?what in the

darius miles?what in the &$#%#[email protected]! lol.its a shame though that people wont really remember how good dmiles was.people are in here acting like miles was a scrub lol.but either way,when i watch wiggins,he doesnt remind me of anyone in particular.he isnt as good as tmac or grant hill at that stage.right now,

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The only reason why i cant

The only reason why i cant see wiggins as a T-mac or Grant Hill is because he lacks the passing or ball handling skills that t-mac or hill had. More so the passing and facilitating.

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who remind me a lot Grant

who remind me a lot Grant Hill is Paul George! maybe even more talanted, more range on jumper and a little bit more smoother as a player...

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It's like saying his game is similar to Bismack Byombo's

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Well to me

He looks like a bigger Vince Carter, his athleticism is what stands out and it really is of the charts.. Of course he is not a SG that can play the 3, but still

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We don't know...

...whose game he reminds us of. Because we haven't seen him enough against the kind of talent that will challenge him. Westbrook? Grant Hill? Tracy McGrady? He hasn't played a college game yet. And it's funny to see Darius Miles comparisons be laughed at. I remember out of high school Miles was compared to KG and other NBA greats and now some of you are offended that Wiggins be compared to a Miles' like player earlier in his career. Darius Miles WAS a solid NBA player until microfracture and weight issues (and drugs) derailed his career. Now personally I don't see the comparison stylistically but to act like Miles didn't have some years where he played well is revisionist history.

Here is's draft report: Perspective is we can very well look back on Andrew Wiggins the same way we now see Miles. Patience guys.

21 - Darius Miles

Birthday: Unknown
NBA Position: Small Forward
Class: HS Senior
Ht: 6-9
Wt: 200
Hometown: East St. Louis, IL
High School: Lincoln


NBA Comparison: Tracy McGrady

Strengths: A freak athletically. Super quickness. Very fast running the floor. Future wing player. Upside is tremendous. Has developed a nice crossover and like his idol KG, likes to play away from the basket and take players off the dribble.

Weaknesses: Underdeveloped body. Needs to get a lot stronger. Very raw skills. Jump shot has no range. Will take a while before he can contribute. Must learn on the fly.

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worst comparison! D.Miles

worst comparison! D.Miles couldn't throw a ball in the ocean, no jumper just an energy player. Wiggins has a good stroke!

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I like the Vince Carter

I like the Vince Carter comparison best. Think it most fits Wiggins game. Just he is far more superior defender than Carter.

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To me hes like a sg-Kevin Durant he brings a total package but hes laid back like Durant doesn't bring that juggernaut lebron James/Michael jordan feeling to the game

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Andrew Wiggins reminds me of

Andrew Wiggins reminds me of Andrew Wiggins.

He's not like the players we've seen before, he's a little bit of everyone that has been mentioned though.

Why can't we just let him be? Why do we need to tag a comparison to him when he hasn't even played a college game?

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