Andrew Wiggins Draft

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Andrew Wiggins Draft

There NO doutb that Wiggins will go #1 in 2014 Draft but what if he got drafted by the SAC TOWN KINGS like don't you all think Wiggins would be a good fit and would improve the team the starting 5 would look like D.Cousins T.Robertson A.Wiggins T.Evans A.Brooks With the right coaching this team would be a nice up and coming young team they have a rough and tough eage to them with a very athletic side I wouldn't mind seeing Wiggins in a Kings Jersey. What do you think??

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LIkely Wont Happen

Hopefully the Maloofs ordeal gets done and they have no say in the team, then the Kings might actually be winning. If Cousins develops, the Kings would win more games and likely not be in contention for the #1 in a few years. I dont think Tyreke will be with the team much longer, and with Brooks on a team option for next year, its likely he wont be on the team either. Brooks is too much of a ball hog.

I would love for the kings to Draft Marcus Smart this year because of his leadership and smarts lol Then pray that they would be in contention for Wiggins. Jabari Parker or Aaron Gordon seem like nice compilation prizes.

I also Pray that the Kings stay in SAC haha--- Lets go KJ!!!

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Yes, wigeons would improve

Yes, wigeons would improve any team, if not from Fr. year, within his second year he's gonna have major impact playing defense and filling the lane alone.
I would love to see Wiggins or Jabari team up with Kyrie. Really, that would be the best thing that can happen in the NBA.

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I do not think there is ever

I do not think there is ever 'no doubt' in picking the no #1 pick in a draft that is in more than 15-16 months time. Anything can happen in such a time, no matter how good everyone thinks they are going to be. So many cases of playrers who look like studs in high school that don;t quite deliver and met expectations.

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Won't they be the Sonics by

Won't they be the Sonics by then?
And it's Thomas Robinson, not Robertson

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and that would most likely be

and that would most likely be their first season back in seattle, so stern would want them to have the number 1 pick. So that makes wiggins to seattle a real possibility.

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I'd rather see Andrew Wiggins

I'd rather see Andrew Wiggins be drafted by an absolutely crappy team, to give him a lot more playing time and experience and great stats. I want to see a team build around him based on what we see him do on the court, not add him to an already established lineup that would suit him based only on what we've seen him do at inferior levels of competition. I also don't want to see him average mediocre stats. I pray to god he doesnt get drafted by a team with bad coaches and a bunch of knuckleheads. I want there to be a few veterans at his position who actually had a great career, not just a bunch of good role players.
Wiggins won't have the luxury of being able to play for the US team so won't get that immediate improvement players get from playing together for the US at a higher level. I would really like him to be taken under the arms of some superstars over the summer holidays. Like how Lbj and KD did striving for greatness, i would like to see wiggins join in with that group and really learn how to work hard with the 2 best on earth. Sacremento may restrict Wiggins's potential because his scoring will develope slower because of the offensive prowess of the other players in the starting lineup.
With a very quick so not very accurate analysis, I can think of 2 teams that are poised to draft him and those are charlotte and phoenix. I see charlotte's having a worse second half of the season of the season this year because of the issues with Ben Gordon. Phoenix really have no star power or any spark at all, they have a bunch of players who can't play together very well, are young, or are full of useless fossils. They need to rebuild through the draft, not through trades. They'll probably have the worse record in the league this year and it all depends on who they draft really that will determine if they can also get wiggins next year. Phoenix are in a similar scenario. BUT we still can't tell until we see how this years draft class performs.

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As a Phoenix fan, I'd

As a Phoenix fan, I'd naturally love us to get Wiggins but as Tiberius says the Bobcats would be another team that really derserves that star player to change their fortunes.

As a total neutral, Detroit getting him to go with Monroe, Knight and Drummond would make them a real force again but I don't think that Detroit will be a high lottery team next year.

Orlando also have got a good complimentary crew in their roster so could Wiggins be the star man a team like that could ablely support.

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