Andrew Wiggins

I've always been the one to say if I could, I'd trade the whole team and start over but obviously that's just fantasy. However I'm not looking forward to the upcoming draft this year..but 2014..year of our home grown superstar; should us Raptor fans have hope?

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If it were a year and a half

If it were a year and a half ago I would say yes. But right now, the Raps seem to be moving in the right direction as far as building a potential playoff team. So tanking at this point is not an option. This team cannot wait another half a decade to make the playoffs (last playoffs 2008?).

So the only other path would be to try to trade for a potential 1st over all pick which is very unlikely and potentially risky.

Timing just does not seem to be right here. Maybe the best route is just to get ahold of a lottery spot or two and hope for a miracle. Otherwise, there is always free agency about 5 or 10 years down the road.

We can always dream though.

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I'd rather tank and get our

I'd rather tank and get our home town hero

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