Andrew Nicholson?

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Andrew Nicholson?

Why is he being benched now? I notice he played just a few minutes the other day and today has not played.. Is he in the dog house?

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When you're as bad as Orlando

When you're as bad as Orlando is, you have to constantly make changes

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At this point in the season

At this point in the season...Orlando should look to the future and develop one of the few bright spots of the season in Nicholson. Although I don't see him as a future starter for Orlando he has potential to be a solid rotational player and should be getting some valuable minutes for the remaining games in the season

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I actually liked how they

I actually liked how they played Harkless and Harris together. Harris is playing great, (couldn't believe the Magic got him in the Reddick trade), but he tends to slow down the game. Harkless counterbalances in a sense just because he's a great athlete..... can't say that about Nicholson.

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nicholson should get more pt

nicholson should get more pt on an orl team that is out of the playoff picture anyways.

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