Andrew Nicholson

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Andrew Nicholson

What are your thoughts on Andrew Nicholson so far this season? he is having a solid year despite playing less than 20minutes a game even when davis was out. I might have been the only one who had nicholson rated higher than both sullinger and Thomas Robinson. Whats his potential and upside? I see him being pretty close to a David West type of player.

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I like his defensive game

I like his defensive game it's very smooth, I think he can be a David West/ Lamarcus Aldrige type of player. I expect him to start getting 30 minutes after the all star break. He's the future PF for Orlando not Glen Davis

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He's a super solid player

He's a super solid player with a very smooth game, soft touch and hands, a high BB IQ, a lot of length and an underrated athlete overall. Being a Temple alumn I've known about Nicholson for a few years being one of the best big men in the A 10. Him and Lavoy Allen were overlooked for years playing in the A10.

Nicholson has put up nice numbers in limited minutes and even started a few times tho his lack of overall playing time is concerning especially when Davis was out. I think he's a very capably player but he's more in the Jason Thompson mold then a David West. I don't think he's a better prospect then Sullinger who I think would of taken over the starting PF position in Orlando by now, nor do I think he's a better prospect then T-Rob, Henson, or Terrence Jones.

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I had Nicholsen high up there

I had Nicholsen high up there with all of them. I had Robinson Nicholson and Sullinger in that order as the best PF prospects after Davis (not including Drummond) but very little differentiating them. I loved Nicholson in college i saw a guy that was a pretty good athlete could shoot had a post game could board and play defense.

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He will be a solid role

He will be a solid role player as either a starter or off the bench. He reminds me of Al Harrington.

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Except that Nicholson has yet

Except that Nicholson has yet to attempt a 3 this season while Harrington shot almost 5 threes a game last year...

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