Andre Iguoadala Trade

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Andre Iguoadala Trade

With their recent improvement, the sixers need to trade Iggy. They honestly may be a better team without him, and they are certaintly not much worse. As seen on team USA, Iggy can be an important contributor on a contending team. These trades aren't done correctly with contracts, but I'm sure that this can be done.

Knicks gives Anthony Randolph (I still believe lol), Eddy Curry, 1 2011 Pick (16-22) get Iguodala

Knicks give Danilo Gallinari, Eddy Curry get Iguodala (I may be dreaming here. The knicks really need iguodala, and can't reach the 2nd round without iggy or Carmelo.)

Three Teamer

Dallas gives Rodrique Beaubois, Caron Butler (his contract expires this year, so he is just an empty 10 mil) get Andre Iguodala

Sacramento gets Rodrique Beaubois Gives Jason Thompson

Sixers get Jason Thompson, Caron Butler gives Iguodala

I have heard the Mavs are really interested in getting Iguodala, and with Caron out for the season, he is essential for their playoff run. Anyone else have any ideas? this needs to happen somehow!

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