Andre Drummond re-mix

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Andre Drummond re-mix

The beginning is put together nicely and comical, and then pretty much every Andre Drummond preseason highlight. It has been talked about extensively but this guy dropping to #9 was crazy. Knight, Monroe, and Drummond should be pretty good in a few years. If they can add some scoring wings through the draft and free agency Detriot will be a contender for years.

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Haha the beginning was hilarious, perfectly edited. Drummond has serious potential, I think he just needs to toughen up a bit and learn the game a bit better. Doesn't have to be Hakeem in the post to be great, even with a bit of polish he can be an allstar in a few years

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I agree, defense is his

I agree, defense is his calling card so as long as he plays good smart D and hustle(his motor was a big flag coming out of college), and play within hisself on offense, he'll get good minutes

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That emotional beginning

That emotional beginning should have just showed Drummond shooting free throws lol

Seriously tho good video and Ive been a big fan of his a few years now so im def rootin for him he could be awesome

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Detroit's front court is

Detroit's front court is going to be scary if Drummond does play up to his potential, as it is I feel like some GM's are going to start to regret they passed up on him. But then again, playing with one of the best up and coming big man in Greg Monroe will really benefit him in the future.

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lets pray drummond & monroe dunt get jealous uf each other

An start fighting overwho team it iz/p>

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Once Drummond add a drop step

Once Drummond add a drop step (power drop step) he's gonna be scary...

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He still needs to improve

A well crafted video with some great highlights.

He still needs to improve on his free throw shooting, he probably won't ever be strong from the stripe, there's no excuse in making 28% of your free throws when you're a professional. Nevertheless, he's looked like a great selection by the Pistons, already has value already as a rebounder and shot blocker, also his body enables him to score easy buckets. Has star potential but we'll see how things work out, he may stumble at some stage, hopefully the Pistons can develop his fundamentals as soon as possible because if neglected, that promise will be wasted due to the lack of a solid base.

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i actually have big hopes in

i actually have big hopes in his ft because he really has a nice touch and he already makes some jumpers

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This guy is going to be an

This guy is going to be an absolute terror. Like Bynum and Cousins, Drummond is going to proove too strong and agile to stop.

I agree him dropping to 9 was just insane. The Deandre Jordan comparisons were way off based Drummond is already a better offensive player then DJ.

I don't think Greg Monroe is a PF as he'll have trouble guarding the quicker PF's but Drummond won.t.

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