Andray Blatche Trade

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Andray Blatche Trade

Big Wizard fan here, love where the team is headed w Mcgee, Wall, Howard, Young, and Booker, I really do, but Blatche is ridiculously bad for this team. His Attitude is ultra inconsistent and you dont know what to expect from him, he wont be a franchise player but i think hed have great trade value.

What kind of trade packages could the wizards work out??

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I heard via's rumor page that the Cavs were interested in Blatce, so the attached trade is what I thought could work.

Now that Arenas is gone, the Wizards are using Young as their starting 2 guard, which is not a bad option. He is playing very well. Although the Wizards do need a bench scorer to give the team more energy. Both Hickson and Gibson can do that and are very good at it too. Gibson is an absolute stud on the Bench and Hickson is athletic and has very good defensive tools that the Wizards could use.

The Cavs would do this because the trade gives them an upgrade at two positions.The 4 and the 3. Thornton is young and a much better upgrade over Graham or whoever the Cavs use right now. And Blatche is an upgrade over Jamison or Hickson. Once again Jamison can go back to the bench which is where I believe the Cavs like him.

Wiz starting Lineup: Wall, Young, Lewis, Yianlian, McGee with Heinrich, Gibson, Howard, Hickson, and Booker coming off the bench.

Cavs Starting Lineup: Mo Williams, Parker, Thornton, Blatche, Varejao with Sessions, Harris, Graham, Jamison, and Hollins coming off the bench

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I'm a Wizards fan too.

I'm a Wizards fan too.

Honestly, I wouldn’t trade Blatche for either one. I’m confident that Blatche will be better then Hickson. Hickson showed some promise last season, but he has been dissapointing this season and I think that his upside is as a fringe-starter(I'm sure the Cavs regret not trading him for Amar'e now). Blatche is better then him. If we were somehow able to get there first round pick, I’m all for it, but no way Cleveland does that. If only we had acquired there 2011 1st-round pick instead of their 2010 1st-rounder in last year’s trade.

I don’t want the Wizards to trade Dray. He’s one of my favorite players, but I can’t keep on defending him if he keeps playing the way he’s been playing lately. Blatche is our only true low-post scorer, but he refuses to stay in the post and instead camps on the perimeter, sometimes even all the way out to the 3-point line. Because of this, we get no easy shots because we’re forced to shoot jumpshot’s all the time. Blatche’s post game has regressed this season, but I truly believe that he can be the low-post scorer we need because of what he showed me last season, but I don’t think he wants to be. The coaches deserve some blame too, because their obviously fine with him doing it because he keeps on doing it. It’s either the coaching staff’s fault because they’re trying to use him this way, or Blatche has that mindset now.

He has no confidence in his game right now. When he does get the ball in the post, he’s not looking to score but is instead looking to pass. He has no confidence in his J either, because it hasn’t been doing down recently. He’s one of the main reasons why we lost the game tonight.

Flip needs to tell him to stay down low in the post. He also needs to lose the extra pounds. There really slowing him down. The guy is still out of shape and they’ve been playing 3 months of basketball. I’m one of your biggest fans AB, but PLEASE get in the gym now and go on a proper diet. If he would just get in shape and stay down low in the post like he did late last season, he would be a BEAST!

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Cleveland won't be trading

Cleveland won't be trading Hickson anyway, they think he's their next franchise player.Gibson is scoring for Cleveland and probably is needed as the starting PG after Mo is either traded or they let him go after 2012.

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Blatche and Josh Howard for JJ Reddick


Wall - Kirk

Reddick - Martin

Young - Thorton

Lewis - Booker

Mcgee - Armstrong


Nelson - Arenas

J-rich - Arenas / Q-rich

Turk - Howard / Q-rich

Bass - Anderson

D12 - Blatche

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