Andray Blatche

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Andray Blatche

He will meet with Coach Kidd on Monday in hopes to re-sign him. The Nets are going to go after Kyle Korver and are looking to bring over Bojan Bogdanovic with the teams MLE.

Should the Nets bring back Blatche?

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If the Nets can afford to

If the Nets can afford to bring Blatche back I'd certainly do it. He played well for them off the bench this season so I'd imagine that they'd be interested in having him back for the right price.

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I recall KG lobbying the

I recall KG lobbying the celtics not to sign Blatche last summer. Could be some tension there but what could be better for Blatche than KG, and what could be better for the nets than a well rested kg?

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Blatche put up great numbers

Blatche put up great numbers almost every time he was on the floor, including a great stretch when Lopez was out. He wasn't the best defender but he held his own. Also, one could sense he had an attitude change this past season. I don't think he should sign for a low price like last year even still while making a crapload from his amnestied wizards contract. He proved he was is worth more and could possibly be in line for a starting gig somewhere.

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I could see Cuban offering

I could see Cuban offering some cash to Blatche if the mavs miss out on howard....

He would get the starting gig in Atlanta, they would move Horford to PF

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